Sunday, November 04, 2007

Open House: Backyard

Sorry went a little paparazzi on my backyard this afternoon.

Gotta love making s'mores in your backyard.

This fountain works with a flick of a switch from my basement. Love the sound of water.
Our garage is more like termites holding hands but it keeps the rain off the lawn mower so it's not worthless.

Matt made this built-in BBQ a few years ago. It's gets lots of use.

Gotta love cheep labor.

Proof we have a dog

Signs of children.

We'll miss it.


Jennyth said...

ROSCOE!!! Okay, now I miss Joey.

Love the built in BBQ!

In general, you guys are like a "wish you were here" postcard. I want to say "gag", but I like you to much to mock. What a blessed life you have!

Give Roscoe a "pet" for me.

Kim said...

You have an amazing backyard - I love it!

momaof4 said...

What a great yard!!
Think of all the fun things you will be able to do with your new one. Your were just learning with this one. ;)

Rachel said...

I want to live in your house and have that great backyard. It's like a storybook. (And Matt did a great job on the BBQ!)
Tobin is so cute helping with those leaves...and coloring your bricks.

Ona said...

You have a beautiful house inside and out, along with a beautiful family! Tobin is so cute...don't work him too hard.

Team Johnston said...

I love your backyard! The built in BBQ looks amazing! We need that for our BBQ as well as a fence around our backyard. On the list of things to do.
~Danielle :)

becca said...

I love the chalk-painted bricks! Beautiful home and yard. And your name is pretty nice too. :)

LizzyG said...

Becca, you can go paparazzi anytime. I love looking at your pictures!

Jenny vick said...

you know that i'm not even sure where you live....but I want to live that house! Sooooooo adorable.

P.s. My dad is a fisherman!! Just not the Gordons guy...isn't he adorable too :)

Michelle said...

You have a GREAT home!