Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super Mom

I have hi-jacked Becca's blog to publicly announce how much of a super mom and wife she is!   I had surgery on Wednesday and have been unable to care for myself, let alone help out with the kids much.  I have seen first hand these past few days something I think I already knew, but never really saw up close or appreciated, my wife is such an amazing woman!  I thought my job was hard, I mean I really thought my job was hard, but it's a freekin cake walk compared to the shananigans I've seen these kids pull these past few days, which I'm told are common practice.  Becca is full of love, grace, patience and compassion for her family, I feel so honored to be her husband and for her to be the mother of our children.  I'm somewhat speachless on how she deals with the screaming, the whining, the begging, the throwing of food, toys, and each-other.  She always comes into the room with a smile and asks me if she can get me anything and apologizes for the noise.  There's just so much chaos, biting, crying and pooping, I just don't think I can take it anymore, but somehow, becca fights back with a smile, a soft comforting voice, stern discipline when necessary and even a laugh or two.  I've decided to put her in for a Super Mom blog award!  I felt compelled to write this to let you all know what you all probably already knew, my wife's a stud, and she's hot!  I know some of the guys are going to make fun of me when they read this, they're thinking that I'm just trying to suck up to get some more action or something, I know how you guys think!  Anyway, that's it, love you babe!