Monday, May 28, 2007


What do you do when you're at the park with TWO babies and there is only ONE infant swing?

Editors note: This brilliant idea has been brought to you by my husband Matt.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free. A very good price

Tobin has forgone the few OPB shows that he watches for time looking out our window at the construction of a new church worship center. He is captivated by the large yellow equipment and the manly men who get to play in dirt all day. He taps at the window to get their attention. He asks me questions about names of the equipment that I have know idea about so I've made them up. Today after putting the twins down for morning naps we got busy making a lemonade stand to meet the workers and enjoy outside. I wasn't prepared to deal with money exchanges so Tobin and I decided FREE was a very good price. We had a blast preparing Styrofoam cups of refreshing beverages to the men in the mud pit. The foreman even took Tobin on a little tour of the equipment. He could not stop smiling.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just start writing.

All of my writing teachers have given the advice that if you don't quite know what you want to say, just start writing. So I am taking that idea and hoping that the some sort of coherent train of thought will follow.
I'm in the market for a new Bible. Mine is from college and has been highlighted to death and has notes written in the margin with my college thoughts and color scheme for my wedding. I love reading The Message Bible but it's not great for studying. I also want something "grown up" that is leather bound. Anyone have any suggestions?
Speaking of suggestions, I am open to parenting advice regrading my almost eleven month old twins biting each other. Phoebe currently has three sets of teeth marks on her arm. But don't feel sorry for her because Jabe has two on his arm and one on each ear. I don't want to keep them separate all day cause I need them to play well together. Ideas?
I need new sheets for our bed. Notice I didn't say want new sheets. Matt pointed out to me that his side has a large hole in it. Any earth shattering finds in that department bloggers?
And lastly as I leave you with this post that really had no fluent thought or testament to my brilliant English professors so I give you a picture from mothers day. Tobin and his cousin Elsa on the farm.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A title earned

Mom. This Mothers Day I feel so worthy of the title. A title I have earned in so many ways. I know what it feels like to be utterly depleted of rest yet still be required to make coherent decisions. I know what it's like to need to turn on the car radio drowned out the noise of babies screams and toddler tantrums. I know what it's like to try to convince a three year old to just TRY a piece of corn. I know about changing a wet diaper and as I snap the last pant leg button to watch them poop. And poop. . . .there are too many stories and situations regrading poop. I know about the healing properties that a kiss has on a skinned knee and rocking the wounded repeating, "Mommas here, Mommas here." I know what it feels like to crowd with other parents waiting to pick up their babies from the church nursery. To see your babies face searching the mob for my familiar face; our eyes meet and they light up with joyful relief.
In the years that I tried and tried for the title of Mother, I didn't know that I would ever reminisce about the days when our house was quite and Cheerios didn't stick to the bottoms of my feet. But I admit sometimes I do. I also didn't fully know the satisfaction I would have crawling into bed at night, my body aching from the days worth of holding, cuddling, lifting, toy picking upping, wiping and changing. A day well spent. Happy Mothers Day to all you in the trenches with me and to all the pre-mothers out there who's heart are being prepared.

My sister Elisabeth, My niece Mariko, My mom Sharon, Phoebe Claire, Me

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ten Years Ago. . .

I didn't sleep well. My head and heart felt as if they may burst. I was happily anticipating my wedding day. I was newly twenty and my groom a strapping young man at nineteen. We had been dating for over three years and had "saved" ourselves for our wedding night. Looking back, would I have done things differently? YES! I would have said no to the floral patterned bridesmaids dresses, I would have chosen to put a tea cup with roses on the top of my cake, not the plastic heart with fake rose buds that the baker choose. I would have put a limit on my three hour receiving line. I would have told Matt not to invite the whole student body at our private college to our wedding via e-mail. I would have hired someone to video and a more creative photographer to capture my day. But that's about all the regrets I have. I would have married Matt all over again. and again and again. Truly quality men are as rare as the endangered snow leopard.

Matt, We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into, did we? I am so fortunate to be clueless with you. I am fully happy with our lives. I thank you for being such a kind, patient man. It is a joy to raise children with you and a privilege to share your name. Here's to fifty more.