Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Shameful Parenting Revealed

Because Dr. Dobson won't be using these clips in his next parenting DVD series, I thought I'd give Glory Laine readers a glimps at just how sucky Matt and I can be as parents.

To me, this is like a bad accident. I keep reliving it step by step in slow motion wondering why on Earth we felt we had to "keep our word". I mean I could sorta justify it if it were a bucket of broccoli but, pizza? Really?
He spent every dime last night. Not to come off like a total tool he set aside some to give to church (less then a buck), let Jabe and Phoebe pick one item each from the dollar section, took them out for ice cream and brought me home some candy. The rest can be found in the register at Brats R Us. And I am going to hock my wedding ring so we can pay the water bill. Looks like Tobin parented us this weekend.