Monday, October 25, 2010

Headline: Blogger Posts SOMETHING Just to Prove She's Alive

I'm in a bit of a blogging funk . . . and I'm not okay with it. Of course I've analyzed this to death. I majored in psych so I'm good at over-thinking things. I think I get stuck wanted to post in sequential order. I keep thinking, I want to post about our amazing family camping trip back to my childhood campgrounds but first I must post all those fantastic juicy pictures of the kids at the Strawberry field, but those pictures are on the other camera and still need to be edited . . . and just like, paralysis. I am rusted like the tin man totally unable to move because I have some sort of chronological timeline disorder. CTD for short.

I am planing on blogging everyday in November so maybe, just maybe, you can see pictures of the strawberries and camping and field trips, kid room makeovers and so much more that is hidden in the depths of my computer picture file.

But the squeaky wheel gets the oil tonight my friends and because my bff Ang has been harassing me gently urging me to post about our fantastic girls get a way to Seattle it wins over my CTD.

Angela was my first friend I made when my family moved to Oregon when I was six. She continues to be a solid fixture in my life. Her loyalty and generosity have gotten me through some rough times. It was so great to have some one on one time with her.

Originally, this weekend was to celebrate reaching our goal weight after being schooled by Weight Watchers. Neither of us had quite made the goal but I am only one pound away from not being a liar on my drivers license. So that's something.

Our room!
Our promised view of the Space Needle. Quick it's like "Where's Waldo" Can you find the Space Needle?
We could not get enough sushi!

Blue C. Sushi was our favorite! I will never be satisfied by another.

The weather was beyond perfect. Those days are hard to come by in the NW.
Pikes place was rockin'
The flowers were gorgeous!

The fruit was spectacular!

Seriously, check out these melons. They are huge!