Friday, July 27, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

So I know what you are thinking, "Yes! finally a new post from Becca. I know she is a busy momma and everything but jez doesn't she know that her bloggers have needs." My response: Sorry. Things have been crazy around here. This is my recap.
The Good:
*We got new kitchen counter tops and had the house painted!
*We went camping with just Tobin. He caught his first fish and learned to dodge campfire smoke.
*I had LASIK surgery. I now see 20/15 in both eyes!!!!
*I went to an awesome seminar on raising boys. It was put on by Rick Johnson from Better Dads. I have been emailing him and we hope to bring his message to Court Street sometime in October.
*The twins had their one year check up with five shots!!!! Phoebe weighted in at almost 21 pounds and Jabe a sturdy 18.6 pounds. He is so tiny and strong at the same time. Perfectly healthy in every way.

The bad:
*I lost my car keys.
*My house has been rearranged because of said counter tops and I've been out of sorts trying to remember that the microwave in now in the dinning room with the mixer and spices. (All back to normal as of yesterday!
*Jabe is officially walking. I know this should be a celebratory announcement but really it just means I have to transition to a more toddler proof house. Change is hard for me. Phoebe is close behind.

The Ugly:
*All the kids with in twenty minuets of each other starting puking. Of course it while Matt was away at an evening meeting. We gave six baths that night and changes four sets of sheets. Matt got sick two days later and I was so prideful that my super immune system fought off the bug....until I got it Sunday night.

All is better now. And I'll do better to keep up with my tid bits of my life.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What's in your attic?

Let's have a dialogue, shall we? In my attic I have a huge box of New Kids On the Block memorabilia. Rolled up posters, scrapbooks, trading cards and huge giant buttons with picture stands on the back. "Why" you ask. Ummm because I want to sell them on ebay someday. Or maybe because it feels good to know that Jordan and Joey's faces are still just feet above me. Maybe I will pull it down someday when Phoebe is spending all her money on Teen Beat and the Big Booper magazines, to show her where her investment may end up. Remember when the camera paned to the crying pre-teen during Sanjaya's performance on American Idol. Oh how I felt for her. I understood the hormonal imbalance that occurs when becoming a woman. This freak show that convinces a young girl that someone who is really not cute - is and someone who can't sing - can. And then you have this delusion that maybe after the braces come off. . . maybe you'll meet and maybe he will marry you. Oh how I wanted to be Mrs. Becca McIntyre. But now that the hormones are balanced and the prepubescent fog has lifted I am happy being Mrs. Matt and my box is all I have left of my awkward years. So what's is your attic?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

As promised from my last post.

I give you the sparkler experiment. Subjects are one male and one female almost four years old. No one was injured during the filming of this incident.

Fairy Works & Glitterers: One Magical day

July 4th will have a lot to live up to next year. Here's a recap for 2007. In the wee hours of the morning my sister and Michelle met me for our morning work out, (So those who know me are all thinking that you've made a mistake and logged onto a fit persons blog, because Becca doesn't sweat or do things that exert more energy then finding the remote. It really is me. I had to enlist the help of some accountability people to motivate me to not hit the snooze button but I'm doing it! This is all for vain purposes with a little health benefits that just come along for the ride. Matt and I are going to Hawaii in September and he signed me up for a wet t-shirt contest. Kidding. I just had a vision to wear something other then a t-shirt and jeans to the beach. Dare I say a bikini? Many more work outs needed.) After my sisters kick-arse workout, we saw a hot air balloon land near us. Very cool. Something I'd love to do someday. Came home, showered and then Matt and I slapped sun screen on the kids and stood them on a hot street in St. Paul to collect candy for the family while watching a parade. Went to a carnival where we ate shaved ice, corn dogs, elephant ears and lots of water. I could hear myself getting fatter. Stefanie and I took Daphne and Tobin on a faris wheel and then the pair of them went on a kid roller coaster all by themselves. It was a proud moment. Did a quick diaper change on the babies and headed home for naps and down time for us. We met up with my mom and went out to my in-laws for some fried chicken, corn on the cob, baked bean and homemade potato salad. The farm was beautiful with just a soft breeze. We let Tobin and Daphne play in the sprinkler while we ate in peace and later water the garden and gathered fresh eggs. Matt and I went off on the four wheeler for some alone time and went to his favorite spot and just talked. (Matt even prayed for our family and Thanked God for our many blessings. Sigh) We ended our time at the farm with Tobin and Daphne playing with sparklers. Tobin ran all over with his and kept coming back asking for glitterers. (Sparklers/glitterers, Kinda makes since right?) Daphne, well, fire on a stick doesn't hold much appeal to my sweet niece. I'll post a video later today.
We packed the kids up late and they all fell asleep as soon as we started the van. We could see fireworks in the distant and decided Tobin would love to see the big show on the water front. We went to the top of a parking garage and woke Tobin up. We told him we were not ready for our fun day to end. He looked at us like we were mad. But once he heard that first boom, He was hooked. He kept calling them fairy works.
Tobin uttered the words, "Thanks for my fun day" before drool was hitting his pillow last night. Back to normal life today of cereal and color books the fifth of July can be disappointing.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Planned Surprise

Yesterday we spent a lovely day at the park celebrating my sweet neice, Mariko Jane's first birthday. It took me back to a year nine months ago when I was going though my third invitro process hoping for a sibling for Tobin. Our last attemp had failed and the doctors warned that Tobin was going to be our only miricle. I was starting to accept that but why not give the little frozen tots a try? I had done the proceedure and was in the two week wait when my little sister came to me with a mystery. She was late but was having mild cramps but her "little friend" was not showing up. The thought of a baby both terrified her and mystified her at the same time. She and Rhyan had been married a little over a year. He was still in school, she had plans to get her masters. She was also nervous about her infertile sisters feelings. (Even though I was really fine with the whole idea. God taught me a long time ago that He is the giver of life and His plans are always best. ) She took the pregnancy test in my bathroom and came out crying and smiling and scared all at the same time. I rejoiced with her and we both prayed that I would get the same positive in a few days. Well of course you know how this story ends, three babies born with in two days of each other. (my poor mother) What I haven't shared with you yet is that even though little Mariko was not planned by her parents, her creator had that bundle of joy orchestrated of a reason. My sister, Elisabeth, and Rhyan stepped up as parents proudly and she is a happy confident child because of it. She has so much personality and makes others smile just being around her. I love watch the three of them interact and I am so happy they have one another.

So tell me your planned surprise.