Thursday, January 25, 2007

SA Meeting

Because I don't have a Sugar anonymous meeting to go to you'll have to be my accountability. I have cheated. But just a bit. Overall I give myself a B-. So I have some improvement room for next week. I have been using sweeteners in my tea and coffee but I am pretty sure that the main ingredient is cancer. Alida gave me some great tips that had me running to the cupboard for honey then squeezing it into my mouth. Honey is natural and much better for you than refined sugar but when I had to go out and buy another plastic bear full all in the name of health. . .well I think I need a new plan.

Today I was thankful for my twins. I mean it could be worse. . . I could have had triplets. I watched my sister daughter today. Mariko was born just two days after the twins. It actually went great, but I am thankful that it's not my daily duty.

Here's a few pictures to see the babies at almost seven months and a look at my resume today.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Thank you note and a confession

First off I wanted to publicly thank my wonderful sister-in-law, Stefanie and brother-in-law Mike. Thank you so much for watching all five kids last night so Matt and I could go to the banquet. I realize that I am so relaxed about leaving my kids that I barely gave Stef any instructions and yet she just rolled with it and took care of my kids like they were hers. She fed them, changed them, and loved them. Oh I am sure Mikey helped tons too. Oh and one more thing thanks for doing my dishes too. What a treat to come home to a clean house. You guys are loved and very much appreciated.
And now onto a confession. I've known I've had a problem for a long time. As long as I can remember. So here it goes, My name is Becca and I am addicted to sugar. Whoa I feel better. My mom tells a story about how I would sneak into the sugar bowl and eat it with a spoon. Yikes, I know really sad. As soon as I put Tobin down for a nap I rummage though the cupboards like a junkie looking for a fix. So in a effort to get more healthy and loose a few pounds, I am cutting out sugar for a while. I have to take this day by day folks its got a hold on me. Wish me luck and tonight when your praying for world peace, say a prayer for me too. Detox is a bitch.

Friday, January 19, 2007

At this moment

At this moment all persons under twenty-nine are sleeping. Over the past few weeks I have worked really hard to get everyone on the same schedule. So pat me on the back because the twins are sleeping though the night IN THEIR CRIBS and napping at ten and two each day. Tobin naps from one to three so I have one hour all to my self. I can't nap (don't ask me why just can't) but I have promised myself that not a dish get washed no folding of clothes no dusting or sweeping. Only relaxation. Oh I am reading a great book right now called, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. So far a great read.
The picture is of Phoebe watching Tobin and I play in the snow this week.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Excuse me while I gush

I've been thinking about writing this post for a long time now but I still don't have all my thoughts put together well but decided it was best to just start writing. It's most girls dreams to be singled out in the world and chosen to be someone's life companion. Wouldn't you say it's the highest compliment you could pay someone by saying, "out of everyone one else in the world I want you to build my life with." ? I got married when I was just twenty and my husband just a boy at nineteen. I certainly didn't have a genetic predisposition when it came to successful mate choosing abilities but I knew how Matt made me feel. In a word he made me feel special. And he, even as a boy, oozed integrity. Ten years later I have NEVER regretted my choice in marring Matt. He was born to be my husband. He has carried me though dark places in my life and we have laughed like dorks. We have been obsessed with addictive TV like Friends and now Lost. We worked really really hard to become parents and now work really really hard BEING parents. I could go on and on about Matt's career as a police officer but for the sake of not wondering off subject lets just say that Matt provided beautifully for our family and I am able to live my dream of staying at home raising our children. Matt makes me feel so safe and is so respectable that it's easy to be his partner. He anticipates my needs and often is found drawing me a bath or making me a latte. He has a tender heart for animals and mistreated women. He loves his children and it is evident by how plugged into their lives he is. He even asks about how diaper rashes are clearing up or how Tobin did eating his lunch. He encourages me and regularly tells me that I am a great mom and how he couldn't do what I do. The truth is I love what I do and can't imagine being happy doing what he does. I don't know how I got so lucky to meet a boy when I was six years old and date him from sixteen on and then marry him at twenty and have all my dreams come true but it did. The picture is of Matt and I getting ready for his senor prom. (a long time ago)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Deal or no deal?

I have a picky eater. Tobin sticks to a specific menu of "kid friendly" food. Most nights he doesn't eat dinner because we just fix one family meal and he has to sit at the table with us but it's up to him to choose to eat. I was a picky eater as a kid too. And my mom handled it great. Food wasn't made into a big deal. I was never forced to clean my plate but was taught to try take small portions and go back for more if I wanted it. With Tobin my approach has been to always offer veggies with meals, and to limit snacks and sweets. I offer it and let him be in control weather or not he trys new things. But after tossing pounds and pounds of vegetables away over the years, I am desperate to get him to experiment. So today for lunch I made him this proposal. . . If he tried one kernel of corn (pretty safe veggie) he could have a Hershes kiss. I thought this was a great deal and after a few minutes of pumping himself up, He did it. He ate a piece of corn. And then gobbled his chocolate to get rid of the taste. Sometimes it's amazing to me that he is growing and healthy, maybe it's the gummy bear vitamins? What to do?