Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Autumn is here. I've been baking like crazy. Trying to figure out how to replace my old gluten favorites has been a fun experiment. This week I've baked banana bread and pumpkin bars. They both turned out great and I can hardly keep myself from devouring the entire dish.
Tobin is off to a great start in first grade.
His new teacher is the most perfect fit for him!
We even set up a little homework space for him in our office.

This week I am going to tell you about our Summer of Joy: Unplugged.
Before summer was out Tobin and I made these herb gardens for his wonderful kindergarden teacher and the classroom aide. His school career got off to a great start.
I made a list the beginning of June about everything I wanted to do with the kids over the summer and we crossed off a lot.
  • Weekly trips to the library
  • Discover a new park each week
  • Field trips to Enchanted Forest, local festivals, the fair, farmers markets.
  • Summer Arts and crafts
  • Family camp out
  • Mondays were reserved for pajama days and putting the house back together.
  • We had family movie nights and bed time stories on our porch.
We got all that done!

What wasn't accomplished on my list:
  • End the world of whining
  • Learn to sew (although I did pretend to be a seamstress for a day and made these cafe curtains for my kitchen! Although it's not sewing when you use hem tape and an iron only.)
  • loose twenty lbs (But I have lost ten!!!)
  • Make the children start contributing to the family budget
  • Have the children memorize the periodic table of elements
None of those things got done. Bummer. But we did find our joy.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lucky Seven

Seven years ago I was holding this tiny Tobin in my arms and wondering how on earth a woman could go through so much pain and not get an Olympic medal.
Tobin chose Star Wars to be the theme of his birthday party (again). Tobin loves Star Wars so much that I am convinced his girlfriend will have to fix two cinnamon rolls on her head before he'll even think of marrying her. But for now, every Halloween and birthday serve as a platform to show off his obsession. We made light sabers out of long balloons and the kids made costume handles. Fun and safe and best of all CHEAP!

Tobin and I made these Tie Fighters out of cardboard and an egg carton for decorations.

And then sprinkled his ships around the house.

Pam Made the cake again. Cupcakes to look like a light saber!

Tobin wanted a Death Star Pinata and I just couldn't see spending $20 on something that looked so easy to make. I mean it's only flour, water and a balloon. "What a fun project for me and the kids," I daydreamed. Then reality struck while in my kitchen with a vat of runny paste and children who have no patience and a sticky orb that wouldn't stay put. Five minuets in, I sent the kids out side to play while mom did arts and crafts. I nearly wept when all my hard work was destroyed in three wackes flat by Jedi Tobin.

We had a great taco bar, as demonstrated by this guy . . . sheesh Troy, first time eating?

And as a surprise Matt's buddy Brian, said they were having a slow night at the fire station so he brought his truck to the party and let the kids climb all over it. They even got to use the hose! And then my hunky husband put on these firemen turn-outs and I . . . . er. . . . um. . . . I promptly ended the party for the night!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

One Love (For Shayla)

One of Matt's SWAT buddies lost his beautiful daughter last friday. Her friends shared this at her service today. I just thought it was so moving I had to post it here. Keep the Goodman family in your prayers as they learn to live with out Shayla.