Sunday, March 23, 2008

Smooth Move

It's overwhelming to me to be in a place in my life that requires help. And not just, "I'll pray for you" help, or "I'll give you a donation to get you going" types of help. When you move you need bodies. Strong bodies. Bodies that you trust to not dent your furniture and not to be totally disgusted when they pull your bed from the wall and see a years worth of night time feeding nursing pads that were hiding under there (so embarrassing). I was humbled by the volunteer spirit our friends and family extended. We had some curve balls during the two day move. Things that were not on my many lists that I made while wondering how in the heck were we going to get out of here. Phoebe was sick (puking sick), Matt's grandmother (who has had lots of health problems and lives an hour away) had to be revived twice because her heart stopped, and Matt was called out on a SWAT mission in the middle of the night the day of the move so only got a few hours sleep. Yikes. The list of helpers who came to our aide is incredible. Our pastor, friends to just to offer a hug, some SWAT members, even a neighbor came over with her rubber gloves on ready to clean. When pastor Ben stopped by he asked how he could help. I gave him three options:

1. Go though my toiletries and decide what I need for six months, what I can pack and what I can throw away.

2. Clean bathtub

3. Entertain babies

Any guesses on what he chose?

And the winner is.....
He lifted some heavy boxes too. Thanks Ben!

Matt even found this bottle of coke that he has been saving from our trip to Ecuador, 15 years ago. (and he made fun of me for saving my shoe box of jr. high notes.) Anyway, I think that he was delirious from lack of sleep that night and lifting heavy ojects popped a few brain cells because when I forbade him from packing this glass coke bottle to yet another home he decided not to waste it.

The family is adjusting to our new temporary living environment. New sounds to explain to Tobin. New little dogs to get used too. A new refrigerator to try to squeeze our four gallons of milk into. Spending more money on gas driving to Church and preschool (and a coffee because hey I am out and about and why the heck not).

We are staying with my friend Michelle. She is just simply amazing to open her lovely home to my family. She has transformed her dinning room into a playroom and reorganized her storage and extra rooms for us and all the stuff that makes a family work for six months. Most of you know that I am a easy going person. But I don't do change well. I like routine. I crave predictability. So this has been challenging for me. The first morning I woke up I stumbled into the kitchen hungry and out of sorts. I wanted my kitchen and my oatmeal and I wanted to punch the woman who was waking up in my old house twirling around MY kitchen like she owns the place (and then I looked at my bank statement and remembered she did in fact own the place and I was going to burn for thinking such thoughts). I opened the cabinet next to the stove and then I saw that Michelle set aside a shelf just for me with my oatmeal, brown sugar and cereal bowls. And I smiled that my friend was so welcoming and thoughtful to bring me this little comfort of home. I knew then that everything was going to be fine.

I have to say that everyone is adjusting better than expected. But the member who is feels like he is in heaven is Rosco. Michelle has two little dogs and her home has a dog friendly environment. Rosco was limited to non-carpeted area in our old house. Now he has free range. And a new spring in his step.

We will be breaking ground next month and have a move in date September 12th. I will be using this blog to record our progress. I want to remember it because I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Treasure in the Trash

As many of you know, we're moving. We've been cleaning out closets, drawers and cupboards all week trying to pack stuff up for the big move. We've found all kinds of cool treasures that have been lost over the ages. Said treasures included the lid to the crock pot (missing since 2003), My first cassette tape ever purchased "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul, a box of macaroni and cheese (expiration date of 2002), but the best one of all, was a poem that Matt had written for Tobin not too long ago when Matt was working a lot and was leaving early in the mornings before Tobin was awake. Tobin would wake up and be devastated he didn't get a chance to say goodbye, until he found Daddy's note that he left him. I opened a drawer and found several notes, pictures and this poem Tobin has apparently been squirreling away as keepsakes. (side note, Tobin frequently checks the trash to make sure we haven't thrown away any of his pictures, candy or toys, he's very thorough). Anyway, I thought this poem was sweet, below is what was written:

"When you wake, Dad will be gone
So I’ve left for you this silly song
You can sing it almost anywhere
You can sing it wearing your underwear
Sing it with mommy while laying in bed
Sing it to Roscoe as you pet his head
Remember the words, don’t forget even one
For this silly song was written for my first born son

"Silly Stew"

Squirrels, Frogs and Kangaroos
Love to eat silly stew
In a skillet or a pot, icy cold or even hot
In their tummy’s it hits the spot
To get real big, stout and strong
They all know to sing along
For silly stew isn’t just food
It’s a hearty adventure for any mood
Squirrels eat with their little paws
Frogs chew with their slimy jaws
Kangaroos stuff some in their pouch
Then watch TV on the couch
For every little bite they eat
They know it helps grow great big feet
So next time someone offers you some silly stew
Remember an important thing or two
To grow big and strong, fast and tall
Just make sure you slurp it all"

I have lots of thoughts running though my head as we leave this house. Just two nights sleep left here. I am tired and grieving a bit too. Phoebe woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. I explained to her that her being sick was not on my schedule. She listened, obeyed and has since healed herself (genius). Matt has just been a champ getting this move to move smoothly. As I pack up all our stuff and weed though the junk and find a few treasures I am reminded that Matt is my home.