Friday, April 20, 2007

Blog Fraud

I'm not very good at this. I mean I like blogging but I'm not as fancy as I'd like to be. I love living my day to day, normal life and looking for the nuggets that might make and interesting post. But most of all I blog because I am a miserable failure when it comes to my kids baby books. I suppose it's because on those types of memorabilia I think they have to be perfect. You know, like you have write all entries of milestones and immunization records with the same black pen with perfect penmanship. And that requires . . . a restful state of mind and hours of free time. Maybe in twenty years. So I love blogging. It's quick, easy and makes me feel that my kids might have some sort of account that they were loved and so on. But I am rather plain about the whole thing. I haven't the first clue how to add side bar lists of my favorite books or movie reviews. Although I love the creative blog designs out there, I use the functional yet overused template settings. I don't know how to add a link or even move a picture so it's not at the top of the post. "But" you say, "You have music". (May I take this opportunity to apologize to all the times when you've been up late and the house is quite and sleeping only to be jolted to the 'three little birds' song on my site.) Alas twas not me that figured out how to add music but my genius husband. I've been sick of the song for a long time but I have no idea how to get it off!!!! I have lately been in love with this new John Mayor song and at least had Matt change it to give you some variety while you race to turn down the volume. The other major issue I need to address is my lack of English skills. I feel I am a much better speaker then writer so I have always stayed away from this awkward communication. I have never formally been diagnosed with a learning disability but I live as if I know I have one. Spelling for me is an art form. Meaning people have to use interpretation to guess what I am trying to say. If it wasn't for spell check and my English major roommate, I would have never graduated from college. And it's not just the spelling but my grammar. It's like a cat climbing a fireman's pole. It's painful. I don't know how to use commas or quotes or accent marks correctly. Rather I guess and hope no one too critical is reading. So I thank you all you professors and homeschooling mom's, thanks for not correcting me in a comment. It would just leave me feeling like I was back in school again. I would get my papers back full of red marks with notes like, "great content and ideas but make sure you proof read." But I suppose I can comfort myself knowing that I provide you with charming pictures of my children.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Momma needs a diaper

I just polished off three, no four mini MilkyWays from Tobin Easter basket. All the kids are napping and I thought it was time to update the old blog. I just got back from Hermiston where I spent a few days with my dear friend Ang and her kiddo's. Matt stayed back to keep the money rolling in and I took all three kids on a three hour road trip. I know what you are thinking and your right, I am crazy. I timed the drive after lunch and during nap time. The plan was that the kids would sleep during the drive. Everything went well until of course my McDonald's Iced coffee (love them by-the-way) caught up with me and I had to PEE! What do you do with three sleeping children in the car? If I stop the car they will wake up and might realize that they have been strapped in the car for an uncomfortable amount of time; thus making the rest of the trip . . .um unpleasant. But as the feeling was getting more intense and the John Mayor CD stopped distracting me, I started to scheme. What if I stop at a rest stop and find a nice old lady to watch the van while do my thing? And then I was haunted by the reality of that little old lady kidnapping my children and . . . I knew that it was off the table. Could I brave waking them up, putting the babies in the stroller and trying to find a stall large enough to hold all of us? Then I imagined Tobin touching things and dealing with awake children blah....blah....blah... Other options: pulling over and squatting (too many what if's to write) or as inspired by the lady astronaut. . . Phoebe's extra diaper sitting next to me. It began to call to me. "You can do this." "You would feel so much better." "No one would have to know." You'll be happy to know that I dismissed this idea considering what this might look like to the truck driver next to me. So I bucked up a held it the rest of the way. I have no symptoms of any bladder infection and I lived. Applause Applause Applause. The things we do to avoid being stuck in a mini van with screaming children.

Easter was fun with my family. I made a chocolate trifle that was layered brownies, pudding, whipped cream, and crushed heath bar. Tobin helped me assemble it. We admired the creation and I asked Tobin what he thought of it. "It needs frosting." Man after my own heart.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm laying all the cards on the table

So I've shared about my addiction to sugar and I obviously have a hoarding issue with babies but here is a few more you might not know about. I chew ice. A few cups a day. I know what they say about ice crunchers and I am only willing to admit that yes, I probably am anemic. My other folly is. . . . buying baby clothes. I have gotten better since Tobin was a baby. Tobin, (now Jabe) has boxes upon boxes of clothes. Jabe will never come close to wearing all his hand-me-downs. And really, how do you pass up little girl clothes? Just to make my self feel better I should let you know that I never pay full price at stores like Gymboree or Janie and Jack. And I always look for bargains at Target and Wal-Mart. Sometimes I find the best stuff there. So I just have to show you my latest find on the clearance rack at Janie and Jack. These little boots will be perfect for fall.
I am also including some pictures of the twins first dip in the pool. Check out Tobin's water wings.