Monday, October 27, 2014

A Bit of a Stretch

I have great news for my fellow vitamin-B deficient friends. I just splurged on some caramel sauce to drizzle on my hot cider and BLAM-O! My world changed. Check out the label! Look closely. Off to the left. See it? "Excellent Source of B Vitamins" EXCELLENT.
I really want to meet the adverting agency who came up with this brain child. But they are too busy trying to please their other clients with award-winning, mom-pleasing slogans to sell products with. So, picking up on their style, I thought I'd offer my assistance. (Free of charge of course with the hope of a lifetime supply of caramel sauce and ending my famine of vitamin B .)

If King dot Com needs your help for promoting it's Candy Crush game, Pitch them this, "Candy Crush: a PRODUCTIVE way to spend your day".

If author Stephen King begs you for a tag line for his latest thriller, try "A PEACEFUL bedtime story for your child."

And finally, if Coke is looking for your expertise, "Lifting this can is a BENIFICIAL arm exercise"

Cheers to ending vitamin B deficiency forever.