Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bring Your Babe To Work Day

Lucky you that I brought my trusty pocket camera with me to one of Matt's SWAT training days. I got to drive with Matt in this monster of a vehicle to an area of town that has all these abandoned buildings. The team uses them to practice realistic scenarios of crime and general unpleasantness that our society can bring. These building are really really gross. Lots of broken glass, rodent droppings, and graffiti. Oh and did I mention that it was smelly and the whole time I was hoping that my tetanus shot was updated? I was so exciting spending the day with Matt at work and watching the process that this brotherhood of men have perfected to ensure their safety and ours. They really do move together like a synchronized ballet. A ballet with automatic weapons. I even shot some video but Matt said I couldn't post them on the (high) chance that some drug dealer reads Glory Laine and is taking notes on the SWAT teams tactics using their secrets for evil and not good. I complied but am sad. Maybe if you all protest in the comment section he'll give in to your deepest wishes and forsake his safety for our enjoyment. (Can't hurt to try.) Anyway on to my pictures......
They don't look so tough carrying their baby dolls, do they.

Check out this sniper. He was all comfy in his position until I pointed out that he was laying on an ant hill. Boy those SWAT boys can move fast. This one is cuUte.Other SWAT babes.OK so I warned you these building were gross, right? They have been inhabited by run-a-ways, drug users and well, people who don't spell well. In case you don't speak jive, sNIfer is a major insult. This is Jet. He is an amazing animal. I was so impressed with all the OO7 technology that these guys use. This is a camera that looks like a gun. It captures images in rooms without having to send an officer in. They also had these round rolling camera that they can throw down a dark hallway or room. They call them (ahem) SWAT balls.

I know I look like I could do some damage with this bad boy. But in reality it took one of the guys five minuets to position each of my fingers so that I could play off this picture. I'm a lover not a fighter.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I know, I know all of you tens of readers have been waiting for house pictures. Well here are a few more. Please note that it's much further along now. In fact it should be all framed tomorrow! Walking tour to come.