Monday, September 24, 2007

Open Neighborhood

We took the kids to the park yesterday when I was remembering that I needed to post a new open house. So even though I felt very "stockerish" I snapped a few of my very lovely houses on my street. So take a look and vote for your favorite. Maybe I'll leave a basket of cookies on the winners porch (and a paper bag full of poop on the loser's)

You'll notice that I am a sucker for porches. It's the first impression of the home and a porch is like a warm friendly smile that says, "Welcome".

So here are the contestants. Lets start with the craftsman houses.
House # 1
House #2

House #3

House #4

Victorian House #5
House #6House #7 (in an effort to save my sanity and to get the milk Tobin has been requesting for 15 minuets I am giving up on my attempt fit in "Colonial House #8" between the house pictures) WHY can't I will the cursor to go where I want it???? I am counting on all your intelligence to image where house #8 is.
And just went you thought all we had to look at was charming houses, we also have the picturesque red bridge to use to cross the creek.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Miss Maui

We're home. As a public service announcement, I feel obligated to advise all of you mommies and daddies out there to drop the kids off and go somewhere, anywhere together. Forget, for just a moment, the little darlings and re-connect with each other. Laugh. Create inside jokes. Cut no one else's food during dinner. Don't be afraid of the silence, soak it in, stare at each other's eyes and see that boy you fell in love with.

We are back now. Back to dirty dishes and poopy bottoms. For the life of me I can't seem to get warm. I've been tempted to even make a fire but it just doesn't seem right when it is still summer. Matt and I have a spring in our step and our tans are a reminder of the island just a five hour plane ride away.

Hawaii was a paradise but I have to say that the language was so intimidating to a phonics failure such as myself. But I really tried to sound out everything and learn the streets and town names. Ka‘anapali was our home base and nearing towns like Lahaina provided shopping and dinning. When we passed a new sign I tried to audibly sound it out, "Maui El-Dora-Doo" That's a pretty name, I say to Matt. Matt can't contain his laughter. He says "I think that's a Spanish restaurant: Maui Eldorado" Ooops..

We didn't bother buying Tobin any fancy gifts while we were there. Literally just rocks and shells we found on the beach. But this kid just loves his new "treasures". Here's a video of him showing off his stuff. Sorry it's a bit long.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Things that are hard to do with kids

Sail the Pacific.
Loved this dinner cruise we took. We meet great people from all over the world. Our favorite was Aric and Lucie from London. Hollar!

Go on a forbidden hike.
After a visiting a popular tourist attraction at Iao Valley state park we saw a slightly warn foot trail leading to a unknown tempting mystery. The sign clearly said that we were not welcome but we helped ourselves to some adventure. We hiked up for thirty minuets or so and saw lush plants, waterfalls, and a pristine lagoon. Matt even took a swim. We are dangerous, dangerous criminals!

Dress for dinner at a waterfront seafood restaurant.
Matt made reservations at six so we could watch the sunset at seven. Food was plate-licking-good and the view was well.....see for yourself.

Bath in the sun.
Let your mind get lost in a novel and only get up to go down the water slide to cool off.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Open House Maui

Ok so I'm not home to post pictures of my house.* So...... will you settle for pictures of our resort in Maui?

Lets start with our huge room that includes a bedroom, full kitchen, laundry, living/dinning room and giant bathroom. Our room was our anniversary gift from my in-laws. We feel like royalty.

The jet tub has this pass though that allows me to watch TV while I bath. Fantastic.
The view from our balcony. The ocean is just beyond the trees. The courtyard with koi ponds, pools, waterfalls, cabanas, and live music.

In case I don't get a chance to post for awhile, (you know because of all the merriness that I'm having) I wanted to also post some of my highlights from our first day-a-half. I got a henna tattoo. I know, totally wild of me! I haven't been this rebellious since college when I broke all the rules and used an electric blanket in my dorm room. Shocking information, I know.
Our first night we went to eat at this outdoor restaurant with thatched umbrellas and sand under our toes.

This morning Matt and I went to a really cool Church service. It was so awesome to worship in God's creation. We sat under banyan trees with the ocean as our backdrop. Not hard to praise Him while in Hawaii watching a school of sea turtles play in the surf. (Do sea turtles travel in schools, swarms, flocks or gaggles? Someone google that for me, will ya?) Anyway it was really cool. I even recorded a bit for you.

*For anyone reading my blog that is tempted bust into my house and steal my generation one TiVo or my elaborate New Kids On The Block collection......It's only fair to warn you that the house has been boobie trapped with trip wires connected to bouncing betty's and claymores in addition to a brood of deadly snakes that we let wander the house. (broods, maybe turtles travle in broods....) We also hired a full time sniper ready to protect said NKOTB memorabilia, (thank you officer Pinkerton).