Thursday, November 30, 2006

Decking the halls and hairy angels

So it's done. I've decorated the house with only the left over boxes to put back in the attic and I may still hang garland in the entry way. But even if that doesn't get done, I am happy with the results. I got a nativity scene a few years ago that makes the true meaning of Christmas come alive. (By-the-way, I can't wait to see that new movie The Nativity.) Anyway, I was looking at this manger scene and I was remembering my mothers. We always had that angel hair stuff under ours. I would imagine all these bald angels in heaven who gave up their hair to make our holiday more special. So thank you hairless angels but I am having a hair-free Christmas this year and most likely every year after. I also remember always stealing the baby Jesus out of the manger and playing with Him. What is it with little girls and little babies? So when I got mine it was important to get one with a removable Jesus. Last year I got Tobin his own. I had visions of him acting out the Christmas story each year, helping him grasp the concept of Christmas. Instead Tobin uses his like action figures fighting in a war. The Angel sliding off the manger roof tackling the donkey, taking the baby hostage. I swear this is just the male spirit coming out in him. Happy pre-holidays everyone.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Wasted Snow

All this pretty white snow is being wasted on the warm valley floor. It's so sad. I would love nothing more than scoop snowballs with Tobin this afternoon but instead, I fold socks.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. Stefanie my sister-in-law hosted a fabulous meal in her new house. Her stuffing was amazing! Then on Friday we spend the day with my grandpa at the coast with yet another full meal.
I just loved having four days with Matt home. It really is better having two parents when you have three children. How do we get Matt to retire at 30? We took the whole family out on Saturday to get our tree. I was so proud that we were right on track with the holiday festivities but low and behold our tree sits naked in the living room. Maybe tonight while Matt watches the Bachelor. (no, I'm not kidding).
Speaking of Matt I have to tell you that we had the best date last night, great food and engaging conversation. I woke up to little love notes scattered around the house. Even one taped to the milk jug. He is truly wonderful. I sure knew what I was doing when I picked him to be my boyfriend at 16. I really should do an Ode to Matt one of these days.
Well back to matching socks. If your reading this Matt, I am still madly in love with you, thanks for my notes and for Tobins too. Three hours till you get home!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ode to Jabe Michael Green

I fell in love with your name before we even knew you would exist. It’s as if the name placed you in my heart and I willed you here. I am always looking for names that are different, easy to say and remember and hold great meaning. Your name came while I was watching this shameful reality show called, “Who wants to be a Hilton” Their was a cast member with the name Jabe and he was cute and friendly and I just loved the way it sounded. Next I searched the web to find its meaning. I realized it was short for Jabez and that the meaning was, Born of my labor; Survivor. Because of all we did you get you and for being frozen for three years, I knew if I were to ever have another son his name would be Jabe. Michael Green is your grandpa’s given name. Besides the fact we have just be reunited with the Green side of the family, your grandpa has been a tremendous blessing to me. He has cherished me as his own daughter and made me feel as if the world was lucky to have me. For that and many other things I gave you his name. You are beautiful my son. You have a wide jaw like your dad and my fair skin. Your grin goes for miles and I just know that you will break many hearts one day. You are so strong. Just because we brought you home from the hospital at four pounds don’t think for a second we thought you were weak. You show your strength by wanting to stand always and now being the first to roll over (and over and over) You love to eat but get frustrated when the milk isn’t poring into your mouth. I have to be careful not to let you get too hungry or it’s hard to calm you down. At your four month appointment you weighed 13 lbs and were 23 inches long. You rolled over for the first time in front of the doctor. He was happy to be a witness. Your favorite place to be is your swing and that is where you have slept though the night at times. I know I will love raising you as I have your brother. I pray over you wisdom, purity, safety and a love of God that sets your path in motion.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ode to Phoebe Claire

My little sweet girl you had your four month appointment today. (10/31)It made me think of when Dad and I were finding out weather you were a boy or girl during our twenty week ultra sound. You were baby A and you were so shy we couldn't get a look at what you was so we sadly moved to baby B (Jabe). After we looked at Jabe we moved back to Baby A and low and behold we could see baby A was a girl. I was so excited my body responded by shaking. Matt and I had only decided on a boy name and a girl name so we knew you were Phoebe Claire. We named you Phoebe mostly because we thought it was an adorable name but also because its meaning is wisdom. And we knew that in this day in age a little girl needs tons of insight and good decision making skills. Claire is after your dad's grandpa Clarence. He was such a special man to your dad and we are so sad he died beforebecomingg a great grandpa. You would have brought great joy to him. At one of my ultra sounds you got really close to the screen and looked right at me and you took my breath away because I could tell you were beautiful. I have had so much fun buying pink clothes with smocking and peter pan collars. You were the first twin born and when I heard your sweet cry, I cried. You were smaller then expected weighing five pounds 10 ounces. One of the fist things I noticed about you was your swirl of hair right in the middle of your forehead. Although it is adorable now I just knew you'd hate it when you get older. I smiled every time we introduce you to people and they say you look like me. I didnÂ’t realize how fun that would be. Maybe because the boys look so much like your dad it felt fun to pay homage to my side of the family. You have always been a great nurser and found comfort being held. WeÂ’ve nicknamed you smooshie because you just melt into us when we hold you. You have a killer smile and love sucking your thumb. You love to sleep and wake up with a smile each morning. At your appointment today you weighed 13.3 pounds and were 24 ¼ inches long. You are just starting to hold onto toys and love your aquarium bouncer seat.
I find myself daydreaming of what fun we'll have raising you. The tea parties and princess dress up. The crushes on boy bands and girlfriend sleepovers are all sure to come. Or maybe you'll love climbing trees and building forts with your brothers. Maybe you'll love reading Anne of Green Gables with me or Little House on the Prairie. And maybe one day we can take a girl trip to visit Prince Edward Island. I know that as mother and daughter we will have our challenges but hopefully we'll learn from each other and maybe after I am done parenting you we can move our relationship to a friendship. I love you my daughter.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For my kids

Over the next few days expect some sappy entries about my children. They are growing up so fast.

Ode to Tobin Cooper

My first baby. Oh how we prayed for you. You were God saying, “My gosh people, I’ve heard you! Now just so you know I wanted this one to be absolutely perfect so it took extra time. So here is your baby. I expect it to be a lot quieter around here now.” When I found out you were on the way you gave mommy her biggest thrill. You have been my biggest teacher in this life. You have taught me unconditional love and true patience. You have also helped me to understand my relationship with God. Now I can sort of understand his love and compassion for His children. I also have learned that this life is not about me. . . It’s not about you either. It’s about our relationships with each other and more specifically our relationship with our creator. For theses lessons I thank you Tobin. Your name is so special to me. It’s from the Hebrew name Tobias and means, God is good. That was my theme though my journey to become a mother; life is hard but God is good. I hope you discover that sooner than later during your life.
You are such a sweet, sweet boy. You already are compassionate towards others and you are considerate of others feelings. Although you are still a normal preschooler discovering your boundaries, I can see in you this great humanity. You have a great relationship with your father and for that I am truly jealous in a wonderful way. I prayed for you and your dad to have a bond like no other and when the two of you say, “you’re my best friend” to each other every morning . . . I melt. Although this is cute and endearing I do hope that before you consider us friends you think of us as your parents the ones God gave you to protect you, love you, teach you and be models for you. Although we are not perfect know that we serve a perfect God and when you do need a more human perspective your earthly father will be a wonderful resource for you to follow. At three years old you have given me more fullness than I knew possible. May you discover God’s plan for you at a young age and choose to follow it to its fullest. May you be protected from this corrupted world and live a blessed life.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hoilday stress

Ok somehow I just deleted my brilliant blog entry. @#$!%##!! So (deep breath) here I go again. I should be doing dishes or laundry or toilets or some other task that will just need to be repeated tomorrow but for now I blog. We are sick of being sick around here. Jabe is the last of the month long illness around here. So things are looking up. The babies are still taking turns sleeping though the night and I have yet to enjoy a full night but have hope that it will be soon.
I am getting overwhelmed thinking that the holidays are among us. Matt is so good about picking up my slack around the house but when it comes to buying gift, wrapping presents, sending out the Christmas cards and decorating our house. . . If I don't do it won't get done. So how can I simplify? Well because I just sent out the babies announcement, no Christmas cards this year. I think I need to find that great family gift out there and repeat it twenty times to save time and brain power. But as far as decorating I will need to go all out this year. Tobin is at the age were Christmas is magical and I want our house to reflect that. Not to mention the twins are non-destructive this year and the next few years after this I'll have to block off the tree with the couch. And I like to decorate.
Well hope you enjoyed the random thoughts of today. Oh and the picture is of Jabe and Phoebe as frogs for Halloween.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Behold. . .

The wonderful, magical, spectacular miracle of sleep. Two nights ago Phoebe slept though the night in the bouncy chair and last night Jabe did the same. I still haven't mind you, but this gives me hope. My kids are not dummies. Who wouldn't want to sleep in a vibrating papasan chair? Now I need to find one that I can fit into.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Manors

Last year was Tobins first Trick or Treating experience. I will never forget the first house we hit. Tobin had just turned two and we had be working hard on our manors. Walking up the steps we coached Tobin to say, "Trick or Treat". He did and his eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw the bowl of candy. He took a sucker and then we said, "Tobin, what do you say?" Tobin says sharply, "MORE!". We nervously laugh and say, "No Tobin that enough. Now what do you say. . . " Tobin thinks, shoves the sucker into the mans face and says, "OPEN IT!"
Well so much for the well mannered two year old.
Hope you enjoy pictures of this years celebrations.