Monday, November 27, 2006

Wasted Snow

All this pretty white snow is being wasted on the warm valley floor. It's so sad. I would love nothing more than scoop snowballs with Tobin this afternoon but instead, I fold socks.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. Stefanie my sister-in-law hosted a fabulous meal in her new house. Her stuffing was amazing! Then on Friday we spend the day with my grandpa at the coast with yet another full meal.
I just loved having four days with Matt home. It really is better having two parents when you have three children. How do we get Matt to retire at 30? We took the whole family out on Saturday to get our tree. I was so proud that we were right on track with the holiday festivities but low and behold our tree sits naked in the living room. Maybe tonight while Matt watches the Bachelor. (no, I'm not kidding).
Speaking of Matt I have to tell you that we had the best date last night, great food and engaging conversation. I woke up to little love notes scattered around the house. Even one taped to the milk jug. He is truly wonderful. I sure knew what I was doing when I picked him to be my boyfriend at 16. I really should do an Ode to Matt one of these days.
Well back to matching socks. If your reading this Matt, I am still madly in love with you, thanks for my notes and for Tobins too. Three hours till you get home!


momaof4 said...

We have about 2 inches out south! Our tree is still bare too! Lights will go on some day :)

Leslie said...

What a nice holiday post! I'm glad you had a fun weekend with family and getting ready for Christmas.

That is so neat that you and Matt have been together since you were 16-we did do good, didn't we?

When you are done matching up your socks, could you come do mine?

Angela said...

Oh man I bet things are getting steamy at your house. :)
Oh and the days pof snow when we were young were priceless.

AngieG said...

This has been such a treat reading your most recent "blog" but also catching up a bit! I LOVE IT!!!

You have such a way of expressing your feelings, reactions and observations - it is universal and yet so personal too!

I love the picture you paint of your life - beautiful and ideal yet very real.

Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

You may have turned by into a blogger!

Anonymous said...

I'm a married man, and I wish Matt would leave me notes. :) Do you know who I am???? I 'll give you a clue, I like pizza when it snows.