Thursday, November 30, 2006

Decking the halls and hairy angels

So it's done. I've decorated the house with only the left over boxes to put back in the attic and I may still hang garland in the entry way. But even if that doesn't get done, I am happy with the results. I got a nativity scene a few years ago that makes the true meaning of Christmas come alive. (By-the-way, I can't wait to see that new movie The Nativity.) Anyway, I was looking at this manger scene and I was remembering my mothers. We always had that angel hair stuff under ours. I would imagine all these bald angels in heaven who gave up their hair to make our holiday more special. So thank you hairless angels but I am having a hair-free Christmas this year and most likely every year after. I also remember always stealing the baby Jesus out of the manger and playing with Him. What is it with little girls and little babies? So when I got mine it was important to get one with a removable Jesus. Last year I got Tobin his own. I had visions of him acting out the Christmas story each year, helping him grasp the concept of Christmas. Instead Tobin uses his like action figures fighting in a war. The Angel sliding off the manger roof tackling the donkey, taking the baby hostage. I swear this is just the male spirit coming out in him. Happy pre-holidays everyone.


Angela said...

You are so funny!
I love you more than you will ever know and reading this makes me laugh out loud.

momaof4 said...

We have the same manger sence for the boys, Those shepards fly through the air. And this year, Renae took baby Jesus for herself!

Leslie said...

Happy Holidays! And good luck to the hostages and the assaulted donkeys :)