Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ode to Tobin Cooper

My first baby. Oh how we prayed for you. You were God saying, “My gosh people, I’ve heard you! Now just so you know I wanted this one to be absolutely perfect so it took extra time. So here is your baby. I expect it to be a lot quieter around here now.” When I found out you were on the way you gave mommy her biggest thrill. You have been my biggest teacher in this life. You have taught me unconditional love and true patience. You have also helped me to understand my relationship with God. Now I can sort of understand his love and compassion for His children. I also have learned that this life is not about me. . . It’s not about you either. It’s about our relationships with each other and more specifically our relationship with our creator. For theses lessons I thank you Tobin. Your name is so special to me. It’s from the Hebrew name Tobias and means, God is good. That was my theme though my journey to become a mother; life is hard but God is good. I hope you discover that sooner than later during your life.
You are such a sweet, sweet boy. You already are compassionate towards others and you are considerate of others feelings. Although you are still a normal preschooler discovering your boundaries, I can see in you this great humanity. You have a great relationship with your father and for that I am truly jealous in a wonderful way. I prayed for you and your dad to have a bond like no other and when the two of you say, “you’re my best friend” to each other every morning . . . I melt. Although this is cute and endearing I do hope that before you consider us friends you think of us as your parents the ones God gave you to protect you, love you, teach you and be models for you. Although we are not perfect know that we serve a perfect God and when you do need a more human perspective your earthly father will be a wonderful resource for you to follow. At three years old you have given me more fullness than I knew possible. May you discover God’s plan for you at a young age and choose to follow it to its fullest. May you be protected from this corrupted world and live a blessed life.


Lindsay said...

Totally in awe of every little thing you wrote here!
Tobin will treasure this letter from you forever!

Leslie said...

What a beautiful post for your boy. He is so sweet, and you are a great mom. They are all lucky to have such great parents in this life.

I didn't have the privilege of knowing you when you were trying for Tobin, but I am so glad to know you now and see how you continue to honor God through everything you've been through in becoming a mom.

You are such

Leslie said...

an awesome lady!

Sorry to leave you hanging there-you might have thought I was going to say something really bad :)

I'm such a dork.

Angela said...

So Beautiful! You are so right life is so hard but God is so good!
I remember when we found out that Tobin was coming we were so EXCITED!

momaof4 said...

Becca, you have a way with words that is just awesome. What lucky kids, to have you and Matt as Mom and Dad!!

Stefanie said...

That was awesome - Tobin hasn't gotten as much attention lately, what with the adorable twins - but he is my daughter's best friend and a delight! Tobin, we love you too!

And, side note, is the music from you too? It's 11pm and the music is blaring loud and I can't figure out how to turn it down - sorry maisie and daphne and Gus:) Ha!