Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Manors

Last year was Tobins first Trick or Treating experience. I will never forget the first house we hit. Tobin had just turned two and we had be working hard on our manors. Walking up the steps we coached Tobin to say, "Trick or Treat". He did and his eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw the bowl of candy. He took a sucker and then we said, "Tobin, what do you say?" Tobin says sharply, "MORE!". We nervously laugh and say, "No Tobin that enough. Now what do you say. . . " Tobin thinks, shoves the sucker into the mans face and says, "OPEN IT!"
Well so much for the well mannered two year old.
Hope you enjoy pictures of this years celebrations.


Leslie said...

He's an awfully cute Superman :) I felt so bad that I didn't even acknowledge your little ones at the party. I was too wrapped up in my own frustrations!

I'll bet he loved trick or treating this year.

Shannon said...

That's hilarious!

Lindsay said...

Cute pics!
Great story!

Angela said...

Love that little Superman!