Monday, October 30, 2006

Critics Corner

Matt and I had a real date last night. We farmed the twins off to my mom's and Puke Bucket off to my in-laws (they've already had the flu). We went to a great Italian restaurant for dinner (no, not Olive Garden but a real restaurant where you can't pronounce the menu and they look at you strange for not ordering *wine.) I did end the meal with yummy creme' brulee, ( I told Matt It could have only been better if they served me a bucket full of it!) Our conversation flowed from the SWAT team to **our next home, to world religions. I didn't once have to threaten anyone that if they didn't stop misbehaving we'd have to have a "talk" in the restroom or draw my 1,497 rendition of a choo choo train onto a kids menu or explain why he only got two colors to draw with. We just ate and talked. . . it was wonderful. Then like a couple of crazy kids we went to a movie. We went to a new theater in town and paid a full NINE bucks per seat!!!! We saw Facing the Giants, Now this is a movie I heard about on the Today show. It was written and produced by a Christian church and promised safe entertainment. So we thought we'd support that. Honestly, the beginning of this movie was S...L...O...W. But once you got use the the rhythm of the movie and got past that it's not as polished as a "Hollywood" movie, it was enjoyable. I even cried during some of it. Matt even laughed out loud a few times. So my review is even though this movie was painfully predictable and felt more like a lifetime movie then a block buster. . . we left with a smile and a good feeling. Oh and this new theater gave us free pop corn and soda!!! Oh and had reclining seats! So in conclusion, I liked this move but consider the source, I haven't seen a movie in the theater since. . . Pride and Prejudice, so who am I kidding I would have had a great time even if it were Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

By the end of the night I was so glad to see my twins. Partly because absence makes the heart grow fonder but mostly because my breast were rock hard from missing a feeding. (how awesome is it that some pervert is going to google "rock hard breasts" and get my disappointing blog about a lactating mom not a 20 year old girl!)

*Wine to me tastes like liquid death. I would love to be so sophisticated as to have a glass of red wine with my dinner but I am not willing to subject myself to agony of acquiring such a taste for the sake of sophistication.

**A subject for an entire blog entry


Leslie said...

I am jealous of the date night! How fun for you guys. It was well-deserved since the Puke Bucket is still puking and all.

And I completely agree with the sentiments about wine. I have tried to make myself like it, and then gave up. I will just be unsophisticated too, while I wear my jeans and Old Navy outfits, and watch shows like Survivor, while eating Cold Stone ice cream.

Angela said...

So glad that you guys had some alone time. We sure do know how important that is.