Friday, October 27, 2006

Popular Attraction

Maybe it's because I haven't left the house in . . . days but I found myself daydreaming of the times we do make it out of the house what a spectacle we've become. Most of the time I don't mind stopping and letting gawkers gawk and asking questions. I've got them all memorized, I have often felt I could save time if I had my responses printed on a t-shirt or perhapes a pamphlet. It would say,
  • Yes, they are twins and yes they are mine, (I know I do look like a cute college student nanny but I am the mom.)
  • They are a boy and a girl as indicated by the pink and blue blankets.
  • No, they are not identical as indicated by her being a girl and him being a boy. (please don't make me show you).
  • Yes, my hands are full but so is my heart. (Awe)
  • No, they are not natural they are fake. (This is in response to the most rude question of "are they natural?". I am assuming they wanted to know if these were spontanous twins or if I had to make them using drugs. . . people should just leave this one alone.
  • Yes, I did know I was having twins. (It's 2006 people and I'm not Amish, of course I knew I was having twins, I also have indoor plumbing.)
  • I would have to follow up with all the saticstics of how old they are, how much they weighed and if we had to spend anytime in the hospital.

I am not complaining. I love sharing these babies with the world. In fact, when people just pass me and my gianormous stroller and preschooler by my side with out even a smile, my thoughts are something like this, "Don't pretend like you have more important things to do then look at the most precious babies you've ever seen."


Lindsay said...

Love your thoughts here!
Love your honesty!
Love that you are so very, very real and that God has blessed you with so very much to be thankful for!!
Happy weekend to you!

momaof4 said...

Oh Becca! I so remember those day's, and they don't stop. Now you get the looks of people trying to figure out the age difference...and more of the "You sure have your hands full" - "You must be a busy Mom" All of which I want to snap at them sometimes. But they are right, we are busy and sometimes crazy, but soon, to soon this will be over and a new phase will come. Makes me cry just thinking of it.
Love you dear busy Mom!!

Angela said...


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Oops-I accidentally deleted my last one, instead of editing it.

My favorite, even though I don't have twins, is 'Are you going to have more kids?' Fine from my friends, not from a total stranger!

Great post, Becca!

Shannon said...

You crack me up!! Love your responses. Those pictures are beautiful! I do wan to know if you got that shirt with the photos in mind, or did you wear it throughout your pregnancy? Um and were are the stretch marks? An my tummy was that big with only One baby inside! Actually probably bigger.

Michelle said...

You have a GREAT sense of humor! :-)