Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sick Days

I remember the days when I was a working person and my job would give me sick days. And on the days (like today) when it felt as if my sinuses might explode and my throat had a constant tickle, I would stay home and nurse my self. I would eat hot soup, and watch daytime TV all day and answer the phone with a deathly, "Bello". And now I do my work at home. I am up sporadically during the night to clear my nose and nurse babies & then up for good at 7 AM with Tobin's cheerful, "It's good morning time"! I tried to keep sleeping while he played with his trains but I could smell trouble when he came back in my room and said, " You stay in here mommy, while I have alone time". Well of course I jumped out of bed and found that he had used his bathroom stool to get up on the kitchen counter to find his bag of gummies, (thanks grandma Pam) I finally found him eating them in his favorite hiding spot under the dining room table.
After Tobin was at pre-school and my DaQuil kicked-in my friend Michelle and I went on a neighborhood walk. (My favorite past time) Michelle put Jabe in the Bjorn and I took Phoebe in the stroller. We got some coffee's and my day started looking up.
So although the day's of staying in bed are long gone, I am reminded that I prayed and waited for a long time to become a stay at home mom. And I am so happy to have children that don't allow you to waist the day away but give you a reason to get well soon. Tobin, Phoebe and Jabe mommy is so blessed to have you! Thank you God for giving me the energy to get though a hard day.


Angela said...

A walk with coffee. Sounds very refreshing!
Hope you are feeling better.

Lindsay said...

So, I was checking out Angela's blog and saw that you have one now too... AWESOME!!
Your kids are so cute! and you are full of wisdom - keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I remember when you would bring me my lunch, Pretzel and soda. Those were the working days.