Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last night I had a plan to finish book three of the Twilight saga. Just a few hundred pages to go and I was going to trade sleep for the completion of the Vampire/Werewolf fight. Jabe had been battling a fever and cough and I thought before I got lost in my book I should just go and check on him to make sure his Tylenol hadn't worn off.

Sure enough he was burning up. I brought him out on the couch with me while I read to make sure the medicine did it's job. I gave him some juice and let him watch a cartoon while I read. An hour later he was still burning up so I added Motrin to his drug cocktail and was confident that he would be feeling cooler soon.

Then I felt his little feet kicking my leg like he was pretending to run a marathon. I looked over at him and saw my baby having a seizure. Eyes rolling back, drooling, every muscle in his body contracting. Seconds felt like minuets as I started screaming for Matt, waking up Tobin instead. I was frighten Tobin saw his brother like that. I grabbed the phone the same time Matt woke up and told him to call 911. I tried to reassure Jabe we were here while his body looked like a demon had possessed it and gave Tobin "jobs" to do so he wasn't just starring at Jabe. Once the seizing stopped I scooped up my sweaty baby and with slurred speech he asked for his binky. I was so scarred he had brain damage and amazingly at the same time was well aware that I was not wearing a bra and my house would soon be full of firemen. I asked Tobin to get the bra that I had left conveniently in the middle of my bathroom floor with the rest of that days clothes. He must have skipped right over it and rummaged though my drawers and brought me back a white, strapless number that hasn't fit me since college (I hoard bras). I thanked Tobin and squeezed myself into it. Better than nothing.

Phoebe slept though the fire truck, ambulance, and our friend Kim (who didn't think twice to come to my house at 1 am to watch my kids). As Kim put Tobin back to bed he told her that he didn't think Jabe was going to make it. After his buddy Darian passed away a few weeks ago Tobin is very aware that death has no age boundaries.

After three hours in the ER they found that Jabe also has an ear infection and to be aware that he is now more susceptible to Febrile Seizures now that his brain has had one. No permanent damage has been done and we are all very tired and grateful for the


When we arrived home I woke Tobin up so he could see Jabe healthy and he gave him a happy hug. This morning Tobin declared today "Jabe-Day". I was happy with that idea until I walked into my once tidy office to see that Jabe had dismantled every board game we own and then sprinkled glitter over everything.
And with that it was the conclusion of "Jabe-Day".

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Bit of Main Street

We took our journey to Mecca this last week. Disneyland! We've been planning and saving and wishing for this trip for months and I can't even believe it's over. We made a decision to only take Tobin on this trip. The twins are still too young to really know what Disneyland is and too small to even remember a trip like this in their long term memory. (We could always photoshop them into a few pictures if they are sensitive to it later.) But even more than that we really just wanted to spend some quality time with Tobin. He's five ....... already. He doesn't give Santa or fairies any more energy to even try to believe in. He told me matter of factly that, "everyone knows that fairies became extinct with the dinosaurs." Well than. He's growing up fast and we wanted to spend a few days with him being 5. In the mean time we all became kids again, yelling on roller coasters, being thrilled on Splash Mountain, defeating Vader, eating ice cream for breakfast, and waking though Main Street until they kicked us out at midnight. We had a blast and I just think my boy started to believe in fairies again. Especially if it means they all looked like this!

A few more pictures of our magical time.

A Disney tip: When you are debating on taking a one day trip away from the park to explore other attractions and your family can't decide between Legoland or Sea World and you really want to take a break from theme parks and have always dreamed of being a dolphin trainer (never mind that I can't swim. The dolphins swim for you right? Right?) but your five year old has been corupted by all his little pre-school buddies that he just HAS to go to Legoland. Solution: take hime to the Lego STORE in Downtown Disney and tell him that it's Legoland. He bought it and we didn't spend a dime.

More to come....