Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last night I had a plan to finish book three of the Twilight saga. Just a few hundred pages to go and I was going to trade sleep for the completion of the Vampire/Werewolf fight. Jabe had been battling a fever and cough and I thought before I got lost in my book I should just go and check on him to make sure his Tylenol hadn't worn off.

Sure enough he was burning up. I brought him out on the couch with me while I read to make sure the medicine did it's job. I gave him some juice and let him watch a cartoon while I read. An hour later he was still burning up so I added Motrin to his drug cocktail and was confident that he would be feeling cooler soon.

Then I felt his little feet kicking my leg like he was pretending to run a marathon. I looked over at him and saw my baby having a seizure. Eyes rolling back, drooling, every muscle in his body contracting. Seconds felt like minuets as I started screaming for Matt, waking up Tobin instead. I was frighten Tobin saw his brother like that. I grabbed the phone the same time Matt woke up and told him to call 911. I tried to reassure Jabe we were here while his body looked like a demon had possessed it and gave Tobin "jobs" to do so he wasn't just starring at Jabe. Once the seizing stopped I scooped up my sweaty baby and with slurred speech he asked for his binky. I was so scarred he had brain damage and amazingly at the same time was well aware that I was not wearing a bra and my house would soon be full of firemen. I asked Tobin to get the bra that I had left conveniently in the middle of my bathroom floor with the rest of that days clothes. He must have skipped right over it and rummaged though my drawers and brought me back a white, strapless number that hasn't fit me since college (I hoard bras). I thanked Tobin and squeezed myself into it. Better than nothing.

Phoebe slept though the fire truck, ambulance, and our friend Kim (who didn't think twice to come to my house at 1 am to watch my kids). As Kim put Tobin back to bed he told her that he didn't think Jabe was going to make it. After his buddy Darian passed away a few weeks ago Tobin is very aware that death has no age boundaries.

After three hours in the ER they found that Jabe also has an ear infection and to be aware that he is now more susceptible to Febrile Seizures now that his brain has had one. No permanent damage has been done and we are all very tired and grateful for the


When we arrived home I woke Tobin up so he could see Jabe healthy and he gave him a happy hug. This morning Tobin declared today "Jabe-Day". I was happy with that idea until I walked into my once tidy office to see that Jabe had dismantled every board game we own and then sprinkled glitter over everything.
And with that it was the conclusion of "Jabe-Day".


Jen said...

Thanks for letting us know on facebook that this happened. Wow Becca.

I just read this quickly and started crying, because the same thing happened to Parker on Mother's Day Eve of 2002. This just months after our pastor's son died from having a seizure in the bathtub. I felt the entire experience again as I read this. Wow.

A note of encouragement, Parker has never had another seizure, PRAISE GOD. That is my prayer for sweet little Jabe and Tobin and Phoebe.

May we never take for granted our sweet children.. and remember to thank Jesus EVERY DAY for the gifts he gives us!!!

Love You! Thanks for sharing with us, it also gave me a fresh perspective as well.

God Bless, Jen Green

Kim H. said...

Wow - Becca - I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that, but also very grateful that the outcome was good. I pray that Jabe will be 100% recovered from this illness soon. Poor little guy.

Cathy said...

Scary! I'm so thankful God protected him! Hope he's 100% soon!

...I didn't know you blogged until I saw this on Facebook.

This is Cathy (Brown) Cordero by the way:)

...and your kids are cutie patooties.

Loving Purgatory said...

Oh Becca! I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope he has a quick recovery and will not have any further problems. Love you guys and pray for you!

Anonymous said...

I also sit here with tears down my cheeks. My Michael had had two in his four year life. Needless to say I fully understand the helpless prayerful moments when you hold your baby while his body does things that mothers should never have memories of. I am so THANKFUL that everything turned out ok. We also do the Tylenol/Motrin cocktail as soon as ANYONE is sick in our family. :) Know your family will be close to my prayers!

Shannon said...

Oh terrifying! Yet you have a way of making me laugh through it all.

So sorry you went through that...and for the glitter, that sucks too.

momaof4 said...

Oh, poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better soon, and that you all get a good nights sleep today.

Got to LOVE the glitter!!! Your room will sparkle now and you don't even have to clean it. That's awesome.

Stacey said...

How is it that you can scare the poop out of me yet make me laugh the very next second? I adore you and am so glad to hear that all turned out well. What a frightening experience!

Jen Green said...

So now another comment from a different Jen Green (I was Jen Troja).
I know how scary that kind of thing can be. Our precious Lola has a febrile seizure when she was about 14 months old. Scared us out of our minds. While Sam was attending to Lola I was running around the house frantically gathering up things like shoes and ID cards so we could drive her to the ER on base (a three minute drive that would be impossible without our ID). Lola was suffering from a UTI. Everything turned out to be okay, praise the Lord. When we returned to our house later that afternoon we laughed (only a little) because the carpet was all wrinkled and the corner was flipped up from me running around like a crazed mommy. I'm glad everything turned out OK. I'll be praying that Jabe doesn't get another one. Lola hasn't had one since.
Now that you've had this sort of experience I'm sure you'll be shocked at how many other mothers have shared in this type of thing too.
I'll pray for Tobin too, that is shocking enough for an adult and it takes a while to get over. Blessings on your sweet family.
Jen Green

red-headed Wilson's said...

O Becca!

How thankful you must be that he was with you while he had that seizure and not in his own bed! What a blessing.

I guess "Eclipse" gets some credit for keeping you up to read!

February Jill said...

Poor little Jabie has been on my mind all day. I'm so glad that he's ok and that God had you up and holding him when that all happened.

I hope that Tobin doesn't live in fear too much. Poor little guy.


Lindsay said...

Oh Rebecca,

I'll be praying that everything is ok with sweet Jabe!

Christi said...

Edward Cullen has nothing on that adorable Jabe!

Love you and I am SO glad he is okay now.

Stephanie said...

SO glad that Jabe is okay. I'll be praying for him this week as he recovers from his ear infection.

I'm hoping that my girls have not inherited their dad's tendency to have seizures when they're ill. It's so scary when it happens. (Almost as scary as glitter on the carpet...but not quite.)

The Boyer House said...

Poor little guy! I know those can be so scary. I'm glad he was feeling better today.

Crystal said...

I've seen babies have seizures, and I know how scary it can be -- many of my special needs kids in class have gone through them. Needless to say, no fun! We'll be praying for Jabe and are glad he had enough "Jabi-ness" in him to destroy a room. :-)

Lindsay said...

Becca that is so scary. A friend of mine had that happen to her daughter a few years ago, and she was so shaken up for awhile.

I'll be praying Jabe recovers quickly.

Angela said...

So glad our little turkey is feeling better!

Stefanie said...


I feel so out of the loop. We were so sick this week too - Maisie with a double ear infection and Ruby and I coughing our brains out... Mike Sr. told me about Jabe days later...and now I am catching up on blog world.

This was the saddest/scarriest blog post and made me cry. And amazing the bra part made me laugh too.

You deserve a week off! I can't even imagine the fear that must of ripped thru you..

Kiss him a hundred times for us today!

Lara Marriott said...

Oh my goodness Becca. How scary. I am so glad Jabe is okay. Poor Tobin. Kids they are amazing for sure. I have pretty much banned glitter from our home. = )