Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Scoop

It's November 6th, so you know what that means… Time to get a shovel and scoop the moldy pumpkins off your porch!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Shop Girls

Last week all my boys got free tickets to the Portland Timbers soccer game which left Phoebe and I no other choice but to shop!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Kids Christmas Crafts

Matt's department he works for has an awesome kids annual Christmas party. This will be my last year doing it (If I write it down maybe I really will retire this year) I never did blog about the crafts I picked and thought all you mommies out there might want to put some of these simple Christmas crafts into your holiday plans.

By far the favorite of the day were these snow globes.
 Made from a solo cup, plastic snow and little figurines purchased here.

 Next was an easy Christmas card holder!
Simple materials like ribbon, clothes pins, holiday craft paper and some buttons.

Glue Dots saved my life on both this project and the snow globes. When you need a hot glue gun but don't want to be sued for Suzi's finger being glued to Tommy's eyeball . . . use glue dots. (I think I just came up with a clever tag line for this product. )
 When searching for the perfect craft to do for police officers kids you can't overlook donuts. Introducing Frosty The Dough Man! You just need a billion powdered donuts. (250 for the kids and the rest you can use to pay parking tickets. ba dum ching) Orange jellybeans and mini chocolate chips.

Just weeks away until our next Christmas party. I have most of them planned out but if you have ideas form me . . . leave a comment.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

School's In

My life changed dramatically this fall. This is a year I dreamed about during countless sleepless nights nursing babies two at a time. I use to pass the time during the wee hours of the night by fantasying about the days when they'd all be in school. And this fall I sent them ALL away. (confetii and door prizes for everyone!) Yes, there were moments of how-the-heck-did-this-happen-so-fast, and a few, are-they-ready-for-this?, but you just wouldn't believe the quality of school they are in and the teachers . . . they are legendarily wonderful teachers. Granted that Kindergarten hours FLY by, I hardly have time buy a gallon of milk and pluck my eye brows before I have to pick them up again but who doesn't love buying milk alone and having a well groomed brow?

Phoebe was my hesitant one . . . this summer she made it clear that she wasn't going and if I made her she'd kick and scream. I calmly told her that was going to be prettttty embarrassing for her. I did try to build her confidence by doing a mommy daughter school supply shopping trip and told her I would hold back on all of my over-controling mommy powers and let her pick out any backpack she wanted. As we stood there looking at the wall of backpacks screaming pink, hearts, flashing hearts, flashing hearts with Care Bears ridding My Little Ponies, I chanted to myself to accept that she wasn't going to get the preppy classic plaid backpack that I would have choose for her but most likely I was going to pay $20 for a plastic Barbie piece of garbage. She blew my mind when she fell in love with this . . .

a gold lemay backpack. It can be seen from space and looks like C3PO's newborn baby. She loves it!

Tobin started the 3rd grade and is having the best year!
This time each morning that I have to breath, to reconnect with myself has been healing. Kinda feel like a soldier just coming out of war. I made it man! I made it!!! Obviously the parenting doesn't stop but it changes. And I was really ready for change. 


"Grab your camera Mom, and meet me in my room!", Phoebe yelled to me.

Seem's she dressed and posed her Calico Critters for a family portrait.

We both love her little collection so much. You might remember an 80's version of these little fuzzy animals called, The Sylvanian Families. Although a little pricey it's been fun to slowly collect them and look at the catalog for that new set our family to add too this little world she is creating. Check into them for a little girl in your life!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's November

I blew off the dust of my keyboard tonight as an attempt to revive the ol' blog. I really want to get caught up so you'll have to endure birthday posts and Disneyland write ups oh and chickens. I have chicken now. So lots to tell Blogland about!

Last night we did Halloween with the three C's. Costumes, Candy, and Coma's (the sugar kind.) We have been working really hard to clean up our diets around here so we let the kids gorge, then when they turned green, then we threw the rest in the trash (gasp). They all felt safer sleeping with puke bowls by there beds. I was a happy momma to find the bowls still clean this morning.

So here is the 2012 costume parade: A pirate, Star Wars Jawa and Snow White.

 His eye makeup was glow in the dark and pretty wicked awesome.

Pretty much had to pay her to wear this wig. Pretty sure it was totally worth it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My New Favoriate Thing

Stefanie and I have been texting about helping each other get back into the blogging habit. I seem to have gotten into a "only in November" rut and I really miss this community. So we are considering blogging regularly in June! This is a little preview for you, (really for me to see if I could even remember how to write a paragraph, upload a photo, publish then read all my mistakes and shrug and never bother to fix them).

Tobin came home from school a few Fridays ago, all excited to give me my Mother's Day present. I told him that I really wanted to wait until Sunday to open it but he, being just like his father, could. not. wait. till. Sunday. So to alleviate this 8 year old's suffering, I opened my gift. Check it out. . .

I'll get closer . . .

and closer. . .

I just love this folk art tree. I really, really love it. I just hung it up and I'm am telling you, if the house were on fire, I would grab my kids and this plate. and my Bible, and my quilt my grandma made me, and hard drive and my wedding album, and my box of New Kid on The Block memorabilia and fan club letter of authenticity. But for sure the children and my tree plate.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jabe: Party Planner In Training

I took a tour of our extra hard drive today and found this old clip of Jabe from a year  ago.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just For You

I have found myself neglecting this blog so much in the last few years. I blame facebook. But here's a little gem just for you who like to still kick it old school with blogging (Myself included). We took the kids sledding a few weeks ago and on our drive to the mountain we past Detroit Dam. So in keeping with the road trip spirit Matt points out the window and says, " Look kids, there's the dam."
Phoebe in awe, sucks in all of the air in the van and eyes wide she spills out the words, "Those beavers did SUCH a good job!"

Of course I agreed.