Sunday, November 04, 2012

Kids Christmas Crafts

Matt's department he works for has an awesome kids annual Christmas party. This will be my last year doing it (If I write it down maybe I really will retire this year) I never did blog about the crafts I picked and thought all you mommies out there might want to put some of these simple Christmas crafts into your holiday plans.

By far the favorite of the day were these snow globes.
 Made from a solo cup, plastic snow and little figurines purchased here.

 Next was an easy Christmas card holder!
Simple materials like ribbon, clothes pins, holiday craft paper and some buttons.

Glue Dots saved my life on both this project and the snow globes. When you need a hot glue gun but don't want to be sued for Suzi's finger being glued to Tommy's eyeball . . . use glue dots. (I think I just came up with a clever tag line for this product. )
 When searching for the perfect craft to do for police officers kids you can't overlook donuts. Introducing Frosty The Dough Man! You just need a billion powdered donuts. (250 for the kids and the rest you can use to pay parking tickets. ba dum ching) Orange jellybeans and mini chocolate chips.

Just weeks away until our next Christmas party. I have most of them planned out but if you have ideas form me . . . leave a comment.


Crystal said...

I seriously have no idea how you come up with different ideas every year. What are they going to do without you?

marie Rosales said...

so cute..