Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's November

I blew off the dust of my keyboard tonight as an attempt to revive the ol' blog. I really want to get caught up so you'll have to endure birthday posts and Disneyland write ups oh and chickens. I have chicken now. So lots to tell Blogland about!

Last night we did Halloween with the three C's. Costumes, Candy, and Coma's (the sugar kind.) We have been working really hard to clean up our diets around here so we let the kids gorge, then when they turned green, then we threw the rest in the trash (gasp). They all felt safer sleeping with puke bowls by there beds. I was a happy momma to find the bowls still clean this morning.

So here is the 2012 costume parade: A pirate, Star Wars Jawa and Snow White.

 His eye makeup was glow in the dark and pretty wicked awesome.

Pretty much had to pay her to wear this wig. Pretty sure it was totally worth it!


Stefanie said...

Didn't happen for me yesterday...I took two benadryls to try to help my milk situation and it just made me so drowsy. I honestly tried, but the pic wouldn't load and then Henry started screaming...not sure this will work for me.

So proud of will have a reader in me!

Crystal said...

Glad to see you back.