Saturday, November 03, 2012


"Grab your camera Mom, and meet me in my room!", Phoebe yelled to me.

Seem's she dressed and posed her Calico Critters for a family portrait.

We both love her little collection so much. You might remember an 80's version of these little fuzzy animals called, The Sylvanian Families. Although a little pricey it's been fun to slowly collect them and look at the catalog for that new set our family to add too this little world she is creating. Check into them for a little girl in your life!


Crystal said...

I've seen them at Learning Palace. But if they don't stack or have a sword, my boys aren't interested. :-)

Stefanie said...

And for the mom who is not so good at keeping all her kids' toys nice or teaching her kids to take good care of things (we are working on it!) there is a knock off version at Target that is cute too.

Love everything about Phoebe's girlie space in your house:)

February Jill said...

We love calico critters! Elsa loves them almost as much as I do! I'm keeping them when the kids move out and it'll be on my list of things to do when they are in college and I am knitting and collecting cats!