Saturday, December 22, 2007

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Usually I wrap all my gifts with coordinating paper, ribbon and tag. It brings me joy to bring in a bundle of beautifully packaged surprised to enhance the cheep crap thoughtful gift to my recipient. Last year I found this great black toile paper and used a red plaid thin ribbon with a sprig of winter berries for garnish. Really adorable. This year I did something different. I have been affected by the "Go Green" campaign that has infiltrated our media. And personally as a Christian, I feel a real calling to take care of this little blue planet God has given us. I have some limits to my commitment to this clean up our world movement. I mean I still have my heat at a comfortable level, I don't reuse my zip lock bags, and I refuse not to flush my toilet when needed but I do want to make some changes. So this year I wrapped the presents in reusable grocery bags from Pier One. To make them festive I tied a simple bow with a candy cane and recycled this years Christmas cards to make gift tags. When I ran out of grocery bags, I wondered down to the basement and used up some of my years past wrapping paper. It felt good to get rid of a few rolls of dusty paper.
Happy Christmas to ya'll. Maybe next time you'll see me I'll be sporting some Birkenstocks and have hairy pits. One can only hope.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Phoebe's overbite

Playing in the snow

Matching sweaters on sale at Gymboree

Little boy's eating donuts with morning hair
AND........after much grief I went back to the mall to personally look for the lost boot. I went back to all stores in question and again had the pleasure of speaking to anyone wearing a name tag that I thought could help me. Rejected and discouraged one employee told me that they had been neglecting cleaning under the aisles. Sooo with my purse flung over one shoulder and balancing my coffee in my palm, I got on my knees and crawled on dirty carpet looking (like a fool) for the lost boot. I went down an aisle that I was drawn like the mother-ship calling me home. To a row of little boy suites. Parted them. Looked down. And call me a monkey's uncle..... there she was.......A little black boot, with a tiny little bow. I could have swore that I heard it cry out "Mommy, you found me!" I of course hugged her then scolded her for wondering off. I then paraded my boot like a trophy and told my Christmas Miracle to anyone who would listen. Thank you for your prayers. God really does care about the little things too.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Shoeless Phoebs

I loaded the twinados into the double stroller and we hit the mall this morning. Our mission: Snow pants and gloves for Tobin. You would think that with limited time, two tired babies, Christmas gifts to buy and clever Christmas letter to still write and laundry waiting for me at home, that I would run into the first store and grab the first pants I found and pay whatever for them and leave. I don't shop like that. I hunt. I compare. I ponder. I put things on hold. Mostly I am scared. Scared that I am going to make a purchase only to find that I could have gotten something cuter for less money.
About my fourth store I looked down at Phoebe and noticed she was missing one of her super-cute boots. Remember these? You would have though I lost the third triplet cause I started to panic. My heart racing and my eyes darting trying to find that frighten shoe. I went back to every store. Retracing every aisle. I went to all (I'll use this term lightly) customer service desks asking if anyone had turned in a Black, size 4, Janie and Jack boot. I mostly just got annoyed looks and a courtesy glance into the lost and found box and a not-so-convincing, "nope haven't seen a shoe today." I kept thinking that someone must have turned it in. What would someone do with a lone boot? If she lost both of them I'll bet I could have seen them on Craig's List this afternoon. But one? Unless of course a grandma found the right boot and had a Granddaughter with only a right foot and thought hey I can cross little "five toes" off my list and give her this great boot. In that case I say, Merry Christmas, Go with God. But really, what are the chances?

I went back to the van thinking perhaps she'd left it in there. Nope. Maybe it's still at home? Nope.

Then I started my phone calling campaign. My strategy was to be sweet as pie so they would want to help me reunite these two lost souls (Pun intended). I was rejected time and time again.

So now I sit here looking at this little boot, and I wonder what to do with it. Do I give up and throw it in the trash? Perhaps use it as a planter or have it bronzed? Mostly I am bothered that this little black shoe is causing me so much grief. I mean there is a war going on and real souls to save but right now I am grieving the little black boots who lost their girl.

In other news. My back is fine. Y'all were so kind to give me so much sympathy about that. After a few Ibuprofen and a hot bath I was feeling better.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Bending Over Backwards

Even thought I was quite proud of myself giving Val my diagnosis of little Makayla, I still do lack the "text book" knowledge most people have come to rely on for an accurate diagnosis. But I was hoping that my blog readers might help me out with an aliment. My lower back hurts, and I don't know why. I am in agony and would love to know what I did so as not to repeat this ache. My day was typical, nothing out of the ordinary. It started at six with my accountable friend Michelle at my door in her cute workout attire and me in mine (flannel pajamas). Quietly down to the basement we sleepily trot and put in our Jillian Michaels DVD. 30 minuets later and a light glistening of sweat she leaves for work and I try to close my eyes of a few minuets before my alarm clock (ahem Tobin) wakes me up. A few minuets later my eyes jolted awake with Tobin SLAMMING his bedroom door thus ceremonially welcoming the day and shockingly waking up his next door brother and sister. After fixing Tobin's breakfast I went up stairs to gather up the babies. I start by changing Jabe then putting him in Phoebes crib. Then I change Phoebe and while balancing her on my right hip I use my left hand to pick Jabe up and place him on my subsequent and only other hip. We walk down the stairs with both babies chanting loudly "dog, dog. Woof, Woof.) We greet Rosco. I set Phoebe in her highchair and Jabe in his. The next hour is a blur of cheerios, bananas, socks, show in tell, lunchboxes, and that missing shoe hunt. I look in the mirror to see how bad the damage is. I put a comb though my hair and lick my finger to rub yesterdays mascara from under my eyes. I say a little prayer that no ex-boyfriend or model scouts will I encounter this morning. Amen. I find Jabe and Phoebs matching hats and wipe down the red wagon from the morning due. Get Jabe buckled in, then back in the house for Phoebe. Re-find her hat and re-put it on her head. Yell to Tobin not to play in the dirt before school. Fasten Phoebs and pull the wagon to church. Wave to the church receptionist and smile making motherhood look cute and easy. Kiss Tobin goodbye. Leave church and answer a few questions from a little old lady coming into Bible study, "are they twins?"

"Yes they are."

"Two boys?" she says confidently.

"No, the one in the pink hat is a girl" I say with a smile.

Roll back home. Unload said babies back to warm house. I change clothes, and apply a little makeup. Dress babies keeping in mind the weather, the two pairs of shoes that fit them and as a bonus to the world I love it when they coordinate. Dress Jabe with one hand while restraining him with the other. Dress Phoebe with the other while tickling her with the other. *Sniff* Jabe's pooped and even though I really want to get these babies in the car soon. I decide to change his diaper. (I know, mother of the year award coming any day.) I haven't figured out how to carry both out to the van at the same time and hold one while buckling the other in so I do this one at a time. Baby A gets carried out to the car while baby B crys wondering if today is the day I forget about him. But I remember and come right back for the bewildered child. I head straight for the nearest drive though Starbucks. I happily hand over my gift card from a glorious friend and sip my single grande extra caramel, caramel macchiato. I arrive at my destination and load up the babies into the stroller and navigate my way though the store aisles avoiding the breakable treasure and with my list in one hand, my macchiato in the other I use my imaginary third hand to fend off four hands grabbing at anything not nailed down. We went though an entry sleeve of whole wheat Ritzs Crackers and two bottles of apple juice that was picked up off the store floor at least four times. And by the time it was time to go get Tobin......I had only crossed off a few stocking suffers and ONE person off my list. Hardly worth it.

OK this is getting long and it's only noon. So lets speed it up.

Unload babies, bags, and garbage from van.

Wipe down red wagon again due to rain not due.

Reload babies into wagon.

Pick up Tobin from school. Tell him over and over how much I like his drawing and ask him over and over how school was only to get a, "fine."

Shlub babies back into house.

Load them in highchairs

Fish sticks in the toaster oven.

Slice up cheese.

Open a can of cooked carrots.

Warm milk.

Tear up bite size pieces of bread.

Wipe up babies hands, face and pick out pieces of carrots from baby hair.

Realize that the baby wipes are not cutting it and fill up the tub. Set up towels, toys, shampoo, lotion, extra diapers, and clean Jammie's.

Put a video for Tobin. Answer questions about when dad is coming home and what day it is and if Christmas is tomorrow.

Undress babies and carry both of them upstairs.

To their delight they splash and giggle for a few minuets. I take the golden opportunity to pee.

I use one hand to remind baby A to stay seated in the tub while I use the other to wash hair and rinse baby B. So on and so forth. I drain tub and get baby A lotioned and diapered. Then baby B gets the message.

Pick up the both of them and get them into cribs, find blankets and respective favorite stuffed animals and shut the door to see what Mr. Tobin has been occupying his time with.

He's started an art project which includes (but not limited too) glue, markers, glitter, and scissors. WE clean up. We go though the nap routine: pee, pull ups, story time, cuddles, threats that if he gets out of bed he will regret the day he ever interrupted his tried momma during nap time. You know sweet talk like that.



Take out the garbage

Remember I haven't eaten and decide on a lunch of a bagel and a bowl of ice cream.

And just as I sit down and start to notice the back ache, nap time is over. Tobin comes downstairs asking for a snack and I know that the twins will follow soon.

Upstairs I go light on the way up and arms full of babies coming down.

Then dinner prep, and I made my bed. I picked up all the toys that somehow have a label on them that say, "throw me". I pick up these toys fifty times a day so that I don't find they've become a chewed up dog toy.

Matt came home to a picked-up house, and a smile on my face. I knew our time was short because tonight is a well deserved guys night. He had a look of sorrow in his eyes for me as Jabe was clinging to me crying. And Tobin upset because he didn't want peanut butter and jelly he wanted peanut butter and honey. Ya know the travesties of life.

I am so glad Matt got out because I certainly have had lots of fun this last weekend and I have plans for tomorrow too. But boy my back hurts. What could it be??????

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Each year this date circled in red can't come fast enough. My weekend to leave piles of laundry, my unwritten Christmas letter, my demanding darlings, and travel to my Mecca that is Washington Square Mall with some kindred spirits. We've made this trip only once without a child, cause at this time in our lives one of us is always breastfeeding. This year Jill brought us seven month old Josh. And he got three mommies for the weekend. I have come to look forward to this special time with each baby. A time to discover each new babies personality and sort of welcome them into our tribe. We slept in, we watched movies, we shopped and crossed off names after we found the perfect gift. We giggled and shared feelings in a way that only girls can tolerate. And because of the wind storm that was happening outside we all decided that the only wise decision to make was to eat ourselves silly to insure we wouldn't blow away. That's free wisdom people. Stef and Jill, fifty-one more weeks till we get to do this again. Next time with little Ruby!
PS When I got home I was warmly welcomed by Matt (in true housewife form, he was wearing his flannel pants) and Tobin who made a batch of rice crispy treats. Matt hugs me as says, "I don't know how you do this." Awe. Just what I needed to hear. Later he asked me a few questions like, "how do you get them all to Tobin's pre-school?" I explained some of my tried and true processes and he confidently declared that we needed a nanny. Love him.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Stick a fork in me......

cause I'm done!

Really it's been fun. I don't know if I would call it super-fun as Kari promised, but mostly-fun.

Ona gave me a great laugh so here's one for you.

PS You won't hear from me for a few days. I need to blog detox.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Right Now

I wish I had more moments like this. The house is mostly dark except for the twinkle lights of the Christmas tree. In the background "little drummer boy" is playing and Tobin is repeating the words about a measure behind but in tune. The twins are happily eating the easy dinner I though together. I love that they are too young to complain about having hot dogs, cheese, and corn again. Tobin is equally happy engineering a new track for Thomas and friends.

Did I mention that I was eating? Oh yeah! I have a hot bowl of soup in front of me. Taking slurps after I finish a sentence. The moment is so perfect it even over shadows the fact that Matt called to tell me that he has to work late again tonight. (don't those drug dealers ever take a break? Seriously they need to find balance in their life.) Anyway wanted to share my moment. Praying you find these spirit lifting moments in your night.

Love, Glory

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lost and Found

Found: one Eddie Bauer Scarf

Found: one brown cookie plate (picture not available because it's close to midnight and I forgot to take it and Lizzy G is waiting for this post and I don't want to spend the day with Trump.)

Found: one Idaho sweatshirt

Found: one pair of black cable knit gloves

Found: calories to hips

Found: faces that match blog titles

Found: new relationships

I has a blast tonight girls. Thanks to Stef for your idea and tireless efforts.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I have the fire on with my lap top on my ....... lap, and I am literately melting into the couch unable to move because of the coziness. Checked my email to see an old college friend Jenny left a sweet comment on my last post. She inquired about the "Twins Napping" sign and asked me to check if it said, "The Painted Word" on the back, because if it did then she may have painted it. Curiosity is the only thing that could have lifted my rear off this couch. So look what I found.

Can you believe it? Jenny! So cool.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Open House: The Nursery

People, I have saved the best for last. To conclude my Open house series I am going to get a bit emotional. When Matt and I first walked into this house and I walked into this room, It was as if God whispered into my barren soul...."This is were you will rock your babies." Matt and I had been trying for a baby for over two years when when moved into this house. My heart was heavy and tired from hurting after monthly heartbreaks. I didn't know if my babies would come from me or adoption at that point but I was sure that this room ,with the round door, would someday hold my dreams. Before I became pregnant I used this room to pray in. I would sit in the rocker and allow God to give me hope and strength to keep trying. When I was pregnant with Tobin I would often go in his nursery and with a joyful heart would arrange and re-arrange every detail. I apologize in advance for the multitude of pictures from every angle possible. But really they are not for you but for me. Leaving this house is leaving the place where God gave me my family. And I want to remember this light that floods their room and given me much, much joy.

Matt and his work buddy became parents within a few month of each other. They each MADE these changing tables. The cool thing is when the babies don't need them they can be turned over to use as a regular dresser.
My friend Rachel MADE these sweater for the babies. Too precious to pack away.
Tobin and now Jabe's crib.
Phoebe's crib.

This house might be where my family was born but our new home will be where my family was grown. And that my dear friends gives me more excitement then I can express on this page.