Friday, December 14, 2007

Shoeless Phoebs

I loaded the twinados into the double stroller and we hit the mall this morning. Our mission: Snow pants and gloves for Tobin. You would think that with limited time, two tired babies, Christmas gifts to buy and clever Christmas letter to still write and laundry waiting for me at home, that I would run into the first store and grab the first pants I found and pay whatever for them and leave. I don't shop like that. I hunt. I compare. I ponder. I put things on hold. Mostly I am scared. Scared that I am going to make a purchase only to find that I could have gotten something cuter for less money.
About my fourth store I looked down at Phoebe and noticed she was missing one of her super-cute boots. Remember these? You would have though I lost the third triplet cause I started to panic. My heart racing and my eyes darting trying to find that frighten shoe. I went back to every store. Retracing every aisle. I went to all (I'll use this term lightly) customer service desks asking if anyone had turned in a Black, size 4, Janie and Jack boot. I mostly just got annoyed looks and a courtesy glance into the lost and found box and a not-so-convincing, "nope haven't seen a shoe today." I kept thinking that someone must have turned it in. What would someone do with a lone boot? If she lost both of them I'll bet I could have seen them on Craig's List this afternoon. But one? Unless of course a grandma found the right boot and had a Granddaughter with only a right foot and thought hey I can cross little "five toes" off my list and give her this great boot. In that case I say, Merry Christmas, Go with God. But really, what are the chances?

I went back to the van thinking perhaps she'd left it in there. Nope. Maybe it's still at home? Nope.

Then I started my phone calling campaign. My strategy was to be sweet as pie so they would want to help me reunite these two lost souls (Pun intended). I was rejected time and time again.

So now I sit here looking at this little boot, and I wonder what to do with it. Do I give up and throw it in the trash? Perhaps use it as a planter or have it bronzed? Mostly I am bothered that this little black shoe is causing me so much grief. I mean there is a war going on and real souls to save but right now I am grieving the little black boots who lost their girl.

In other news. My back is fine. Y'all were so kind to give me so much sympathy about that. After a few Ibuprofen and a hot bath I was feeling better.


Tiffany said...

Oh my, what a quandry indeed. I think you about covered all your tracks and did all you can do to locate the little darling. Maybe we need to start a grief support group for all things for the lost boot and me for the loss of nursing!

Jenny vick said...

Not just ANY boot...a janie and jack boot. I think i would give it a little more time! Hana 'lost' her blanky this week...I looked everywhere...the car...the street..garage..under the mattres..under the bed...then I went out and bought her a new blanky..she loved it..and snuggled it..but it wasn't the neat freak of a husband was cleaning my car (who does that) and vacuming it out when low and behold..the old ratty beloved blanky was found wedged between and in back of the car seats that sit so close to each other. All was not lost after all!!! Don't loose hope..give it a little more time!

LizzyG said...

Jenny Vick ~ My husband is a neat freak too, and is constantly cleaning out my car and vacuuming drives me nuts!

Becca ~ I'm grieving your loss. I hate it when things like this happen. It consumes me, takes over my mind, to the point where I can't function until there is must find that boot! Or we can just take up a blogworld collection and buy Phoebe a new pair.

Melissa said...

We had almost the identical experience and I had a complete melt-down! Zach lost one Robeez while in the stroller on the way from Riverfront Park to the Police Department during Riverfest. I made Mike drive up and down the streets while I scoured the sidewalks to find it. Sure enough, we found it, but I too had been going through all the scenarios of 'what do I do now with ONE shoe?' Maybe it would help to go back tomorrow to those stores again? I sure hope it turns up!

Being Still said...

Okay Becca, I remember the post about the boots and have been waiting and waiting for a picture of dear, sweet Phoebe in her new boots, her Janie and Jack boots. I almost e-mailed you about them, and thought that might reveal the scary detail person I am. So I have been waiting. I did not want the story to turn out this way. I am so sorry, that would make me so sad and I too would be on a frantic hunt to find the missing boot. Did you get some cutes shots of the boots? I sure hope so.

I say don't give up yet, pray and maybe it will show up. I know you won't melt over this and if I could buy you a new boot, I would. They were, I mean are, fasionable and so cute. (((hugs))) to you for a lost boot.

Meghan said...

Oh no! Those are just the cutest little boots...I hope you can find them! Send Matt on an official investigation!

Alida said...

O.k. you are not going to believe this. When I was very (very) pregnant with Isabela, I shoved my feet into the cutest pair of flats I owned. So what that they were a size 7 and my water-retaining feet were now a 9 wide? I push and shoved. So what that most of my foot hung out the sides? Hubby and I went shopping of all things, in Pasadena. We walked quite a bit. I couldn't stand it anymore and I took the darlings off and put them in the back of the stroller and proceeded to walk barefoot (and pregnant) down the street towards our car.
When we got to the car, there was only ONE shoe!! Did I mention how cute this were? That my pregnancy was almost over? In my pregnant hysteria, I made Sergio retrace our steps, but no luck. As we are driving away (I kid you not) I stop the shoe on the side of the road. It must of fallen out while crossing the street. Oh joy!

Moral: Wait a bit, it might turn up yet:)

momaof4 said...

can't wait to see if it turns up!!!
We lost Isaac's blanket over Thanksgiving. I bought candy to brib all 11 kids to look everywhere for it. Darren found it, under in behind something! We stuck it in his pillow so he thought he had found it all himself. Don't tell!!!

Good Luck!!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Reading your blog, I thought that it would end happily. Alas! It did not! Oh, those are cute shoes. I'm sorry that one is lost. I don't know which mall you went to, but if it was one in town, I'd totally go back today to those same stores and all the service desks and ask again if that shoe was turned in (if you have the time, drive, and desire!) or call instead.

Yesterday, Makayla wore a baby size Santa hat to church (I know, Santa at church...I push the envelope sometimes! ;) She was really good at keeping it on from about 8:10 am to close to noon! Then, she took it off and dropped it in the nursery. I saw it, but didn't pick it up right away. When it came time to go home, it was gone! I seriously almost panicked (I know, I'm pathetic!). I even wrote a note to the teacher, hoping that if she found it, it would be returned. Well, we went back to church in the evening and Makayla found it. It was in a "cupboard" of the play kitchen, of course!

I hope you do end up finding that shoe!

I searched Hallmark for just the right card, but couldn't find it. So I wrote this for you:

May the loving words and prayers of those close to you offer you peace and hope. I offer my heart felt condolences on the loss of your child's shoes.

LizzyG said...

I was watching a pair on Ebay for you. It ended at 5:45 pm last night, and I even wrote a note to myself during the day to remember to bid. But alas, I was working at Newport Bay last night, looked at the clock that said 7:00, and remembered...Dang it!!! I forgot to bid! And the worst part, nobody put a bid on them. They were listed at $15. So....just out of curiousity, if someone were to get you another pair for your darling Phoebs, would you want another pair of size 4's? Or would you want a bigger size? Inquiring minds want to know!

Glory Laine said...

LizzyG! You may NOT buy me new boots. No, no, No! You must fight the urge. I just got back from a long weekend away and will resume my phone calling during morning naps. Pray for me.

Stefanie said...

Did you find it?

Want to see snow pics! Got any?