Sunday, January 27, 2008

Going Once, .....Going Twice.......

Many of you have asked about how the sale of our house has been going. So to appease the angry mob I'd thought I'd give you an update.

Matt and I decided to take a "stab" at trying to sell our house ourselves. With his parents and brother being in the business we knew we had their professional advice at our disposal so it made the challenge less daunting. We've had the house on the market for almost five months. During that time we've had a steady flow of interest. We entered the selling market at a BAD time. Times are rough in the real estate market here and it's winter (not the pretty snow white winters you all might be experiencing but our cold, wet, gloomy winters the NW brings.) We also have a major construction project going on next to our house. In the end it will really beautify our neighborhood but right now it looks like an ugly newborn baby (Not your baby, Your newborn was the most beautiful baby. But you know the ones I am talking about......) Matt has done a great job as a tour guide. He gives them all the facts and numbers about the house that I would surely mess up. "Gas or Electric heat? Well I'm not sure. I can tell you that I push this button when I want the house warmer and I push this button when I want the house cold. Any other questions I can answer for you?"

The first perspective buyer was a hard one for me. To have this woman looking in my cupboards and closets trying to see if she wanted to buy my home was a bit much. I had to fight my urges to have Tobin make ghost noises from the attic, while reassuring her that they were friendly spirits and as long as you didn't move the furniture no harm would come to her. I didn't tell her any fibs. BUT I did front of her......Matt was comforting but not pleased.

Another looker that showed interested was the. oldest. man. I. have. ever. seen. alive. He shuffled in and Tobin automatically asked him why he walked so slow and why he had hair in his ears. Thankfully he was completely deaf and gave him a yellowed tooth nod and smile. With talking to him more I almost choked on my morning bourbon when he told me he was looking for a new home for him and his MOTHER!!!!! (I refrained from asking if his mother resided in a urn located on his mantle. )

We've had lots of lookers tell us that they want to make an offer and then they disappear off the face of the earth. We did have one offer but it was way low and we just were not that desperate.

Matt and I talked last week about whether or not we should turn to a Realtor. We decided that we would give it till February. We prayed about it and asked God to make it clear to us whether or not we should list it or not. The very next day, Matt got a call from a couple in town from Oklahoma. This Friday we showed the house to them and they loved it. They flew here to make an offer on a house across the street. They were very disappointed in how much work needed to be done to it and were about to fly back home when they saw our cute little house. Called us and saw the house. My kids were completely charming. Tobin even called the guy, "grandpa!" He lit up! Long story short, they made an offer the next morning. It was just a little under what we were hoping to get out of the house so we countered and they accepted!!!! We have a buyer.

Now let the packing begin.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Inside My Hot Date

I've been excited all week for my hot date tonight. Matt suggested it and I of course never turn down special alone time. After church I reapplied my makeup and even put on his favorite perfume. Here is a picture of me and my date.

We went to see a live production of Peter Pan. Sorry for the poor-quality-self -taken photo of us. I had to take it quickly to avoid any felony convictions if caught using flash photography in the theater. In case you didn't get the memo: I am soooo dangerous.

This wasn't my first time seeing Tink and the Darlings. When I was ten or eleven my Aunt Trudy took me to see this play in Portland. It was a cornerstone event in my development for a few reasons. One, I felt so special to have my Aunt spend (what seemed like to me)an extravagant amount of money on me. This welfare child felt completely, lavishly spoiled. Two, I was bitten by the acting bug. It all looked so magical. Not so much the flying and fairies but the way these actors could hold my attention and create such a honest joyous emotion for me.

Fast forward to today. I didn't see much of the play. Instead I just watched my son see magic for the first time. He was hooked from the moment the curtain rose. He loved being able to clap exuberantly after a musical number. He laughed out loud with the audience and yelled out in a quite theater that he believed in fairies when Peter rhetorically asked. Tonight when I tucked him into bed he Thanked me for taking him to see Captain Hook. And he prayed for the actors and told me how pretty he thought Wendy Lady and Peter Pan were (couldn't fool him that Peter was played by a woman). For a moment today I wished there was a Neverland. I wished this boy would never grow up.
A P.S.
If you haven't seen a Finding MUST rent it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007 Though Pictures

Remember when I wrote this post all smug that I got my tree up right after Thanksgiving and you all were shaking your heads in wonder of my awesomeness? Well do I have news for you. That lovely tree and all the trimmings are STILL up. My tree is so dead that if you concentrate enough energy staring at a branch....needles start falling off. My plan is to just have it decompose right here in the living room.

Moving on to my review.
I love taking pictures. But one of the last things I think about during a big loud event is hiding behind my lends taking pictures. This year I tried. I really did. I reviewed them tonight and couldn't believe how few I got. But I thought I'd share some with y'all. The following are in no apparent order but are all from this year and I am pretty sure I know all of these people.

This first group is my attempt (When will I learn?) at the grand kids with their Christmas coordinating outfits. It started out promising but once Maisie was about to abandon all Christmas cheer.

I love Tobin's look on his face in this one. It's like, "mom, you've got to give up on this pretending we are a happy family bit......and lets get to the presents."

Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus then blind folding kids and giving them a stick to beat the head of a scary clown in. Can I get an Amen?

That's right folks, our family can't get enough of pinatas. We always fight over who will get the rights to the America's Funnest Video prize WHEN something goes wrong.I was so mad when I saw this pornographic picture that my husband took of me. Then I found out my bother was behind the camera and I choked on my egg nog. (Warning staring too long may cause blindness.)
Some of the people who made my Christmas merry: My sister Bethy and my sister-in-law Dorinda.
My pregnant cousin Katie hold my lovely Phoebe.
Phoebe wishing she was out of the silk dress and into her pajamas. Phoebe with Auntie Beth. She just wanted to show you her long lashes.

My sweetie pie niece Mariko.
My pretty momma Sharon with Jabe wanted down to run.
Cousins Mariko and Phoebe with their new aprons. Both of them seem to be a little perturb we are pushing stereotypical domestic responsibilities on them.

Babies first Christmas. Josh and Jack.
My little sister lookin oh so sexy.
Cousin Eric, I am cutting you off and give me my baby back.

And Phoebe says it all here. . . "I WANT MORE PRESENTS!"
And just in case you thought this post wasn't long enough.......I leave you when my child interrupting Christmas dinner so he could perform.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ruby Part Two

The Details. God is Divine. This little thing is pure perfection wrapped up in a receiving blanket. I had the best afternoon, picture perfect really. My mom took my kids and I went to visit little Ruby. I made sure that I got a Starbucks so that I could imprint my coffee breath on my new niece so when she smells coffee she thinks of me. After I went a little camera crazy on the baby (nothing like flash photography to welcome you to the world). Mikey stepped out to grab some lunch and things from home. We darken the room and Stef got a little nap. I got to sit in a corner, rocking this jewel and read my book. ( I really didn't read much.....more like a sentence here then a long gaze so on and so forth. ) What a lovely creature.

Here's the stats:
Ruby Garland
Born: January 3rd, 2008@ 8:06 am
6 lbs 14 oz 20 1/2 inches long

Today the world became a better place.
Love, Auntie


Ruby ( [roo-bee] 1. a precious red gem 2. a baby girl born to Mike and Stefanie this morning!

Leave a well wish to Stefanie's blog. I'm on my way to the hospital for to get a little look at this new gem myself. Details and pictures to come. (hint: rumor has it that she has lots of dark curly hair)