Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't Cha Just Love A Wedding?

I love attending beautiful weddings. Last night my cousin Shelby said her vows in an outside wedding. She has guts for planning an outdoor wedding in September (in OREGON!) but the weather was perfect. White chairs and beautiful flowers designed by this up and coming florist in Portland (My sister-in-law, Dorinda!). The food was soooo good. Wine, salmon, grilled asparagus, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms.

Best of all my heart was so warm seeing my cousin, whom I adore, find such a wonderful man, and committing to a life together. I love the pastors words when she said, "Through difficult times may they find the path towards growth and maturity." Or something like that I wasn't really listening. Anyway it was a beautiful wedding. Here are some pictures I snapped with my broken pocket camera.

Father of the Bride and my Uncle Phil.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion Lessons From My Kids

I was so excited to go school shopping for Tobin for the first time. Until I came home with shopping bags worth of great deals of stylish clothes that Tobin refuses to wear. Pretty much anything with a collar is unacceptable. And God forbid he wear any shoe that doesn't light up enough to land a plane. It's madding as he turns his nose up at a great striped rugby shirt for ummm lets say a black wolf tee all in the name of "coolness". So my six year old has taken away one of my largest parenting joys of having well dressed kids. But I have come to realize that as he is starting his new school career it should be about his confidence and not about me exerting my taste on him. Thank goodness I still have these three year olds you will wear anything I button on them.

When Jabe walked in to his Sunday school class teacher Kim asked him what was on his tie. Jabe gave the best man-fashion answer for his polka dots, "balls." he says.

I've been laying hands on Phoebe and Jabe that one of them will say no to cartoon t-shirts and plastic light up shoes in the future. But not holding my breath.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Big Scary World of Kindergarten

Tuesday, Tobin put on his favorite "Rock Star" t-shirt and told me he was nervous. I tried to normalize it and tell him how this was all the Kindergartners first day I am was sure they all felt a little unsure. I asked him to tell me what exactly he was nervous about and then I got an earful.
He was nervous that the other kids would think he was weird.
He was scared the teacher would ask him a question he didn't know the answer to.
He is scared of bullies.
The list went on.
My first reaction to his nervous list was one of pride. His is so articulate. He can name his feelings and feels comfortable sharing them with me. He is ready for this. Because of his late August birthday Matt and I waited for him to be six to start school and that year has added a whole new layer of maturity. Dropping him off in his classroom he told me he was going to need me to stay the whole time. I gave him a squeeze, whispered he was my favorite kid in this whole room and that I couldn't wait to see him in two hours. And I left knowing fully that even though he doesn't know it, I know he is ready for this.

I took all the traditional first day pictures of him. (I think Child Protective Services are called if you don't)

Can you see the I'm-not-so-sure-about-this look in his eyes?

He did great. On his second day of school he told me he met a friend! I asked him what his name was. He rolled his eyes and said, "I don't know HER name, but she looks just like you only with ponytails and a butterfly sweater and a Tinker Bell backpack. And she's sits at the same table as me and I get to see her tomorrow!"

And so it begins.

Monday, September 07, 2009

He's All Mine Ladies

For me this week has been about catching my breath, or maybe just taking in a deep one. I was prepared for a longer infertility ride. One that might have included a baby or two. A ride I was most likely going to be on for two more cycles, possibly years apart.
Then ride just ended so suddenly. And although I am extremely grateful it wasn't prolonged unnecessarily, I do feel a touch of whiplash and a huge hormone dump happing. Just like that we are done.

I have been so happy that I wrote about this last leg of our infertility journey. Out of this I have just received so much encouragement from all your comments. Even some of you sent cards that were all composed so beautifully that I couldn't get through them without welling-up. Stef even came over on Tuesday after the test to watch my kids for a few hours, and made my family dinner. And I cried with her. Because we have had so much fun having babies together.
But for me the most delightful surprise was a note that came under my bedroom door Saturday night. It read:
My Love,
I wanted you to know how honored I am to be your husband. I am so proud of the woman you are, the mother you have become and the friend you've always been. I wanted you to know how thankful I am also that you have been willing to go through such strife to bring our beautiful children in to this world. You have done it with courage and class second to none. I wanted to treat you to a day of relaxation and fun in honor of your journey of motherhood. You are so loved! Thank you for being such a selfless champion for our family.
As you can imagine I was beaming after reading this. It then it went on to explain in detail how he was taking me away for the weekend to Portland for spa treatments and shopping.
We just got back and totally partied like rock stars. (Minus the drugs, and thrashing of our hotel room.) We stayed up until like 11 pm and slept in till like 7:45 am. It was CRAZY. I also bought a pair of ridiculously expensive jeans. I will take to my grave how much I spent on them but know that they give my bottom the appearance of firmness and my legs the illusion that they never stop. They just happen to be less money than plastic surgery so I purchased them!

This weekend was about Matt and I taking stock into the goodness of God's plan that unfolded fully for us this week. My sincere thanks for everyone who followed my Maybe Baby story.