Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Big Scary World of Kindergarten

Tuesday, Tobin put on his favorite "Rock Star" t-shirt and told me he was nervous. I tried to normalize it and tell him how this was all the Kindergartners first day I am was sure they all felt a little unsure. I asked him to tell me what exactly he was nervous about and then I got an earful.
He was nervous that the other kids would think he was weird.
He was scared the teacher would ask him a question he didn't know the answer to.
He is scared of bullies.
The list went on.
My first reaction to his nervous list was one of pride. His is so articulate. He can name his feelings and feels comfortable sharing them with me. He is ready for this. Because of his late August birthday Matt and I waited for him to be six to start school and that year has added a whole new layer of maturity. Dropping him off in his classroom he told me he was going to need me to stay the whole time. I gave him a squeeze, whispered he was my favorite kid in this whole room and that I couldn't wait to see him in two hours. And I left knowing fully that even though he doesn't know it, I know he is ready for this.

I took all the traditional first day pictures of him. (I think Child Protective Services are called if you don't)

Can you see the I'm-not-so-sure-about-this look in his eyes?

He did great. On his second day of school he told me he met a friend! I asked him what his name was. He rolled his eyes and said, "I don't know HER name, but she looks just like you only with ponytails and a butterfly sweater and a Tinker Bell backpack. And she's sits at the same table as me and I get to see her tomorrow!"

And so it begins.


Stefanie said...

Look at you and your blogging self! Great work:) He's so cute!

Just tell me when you are ready for me to come shopping for our basket idea -- I can't wait to see you again soon.

February Jill said...

I love that he chose a girl that looks like his pretty mom!

And it has begun indeed. Elsa got her first proposal of marriage today from her carpool buddy Wyatt. She declined, "at least until he is 29... or dead."


Meghan said...

Aw sheesh, he's such a big boy! Good Job Tobin, you've made it through your first couple days of kindergarten!! Diego has those same Sketchers, aren't they so cute?

momaof4 said...

So cute. I love that the backpacks are as big as the kids!!

KLB said...

Congats Tobin! You made through the first day of school. Trust me...its gets easier. Just try to resist pulling those pig tails :)

Crystal said...

And I was there to witness some of it! I feel so special. :-)

Kim H. said...

How sweet - a girl friend!! HA! I'm glad that it all went so well... it absolutely sounds like you both were ready for this day.

Rachel Clear said...

Ahhhhhh, your kids sound so cute. :)