Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Soul Blender

14 years ago today I made promises to a boy-man in front of my friends and family that I would walk though life with only him. During the thrilling times (easy) and the uncertain times (difficult), I've come to learn a few things about marriage, It's doesn't work on paper. Taking two different people, that have been raised in different households, with very different personalities and temperaments and put them together in the SAME house to make a peaceful coexistence is rough at times. Refinement in a marriage can hurt and be uncomfortable, but after the kinks are worked out and we stop getting frustrated at the differences and appreciate what each one brings to the partnership is where true marriage lies.

We are different. He loves Guns and Roses and I can belt out a show tune at a moments notice. He cooks and I bake. He keeps a budget chart and I like to buy gifts. He always knows where his keys are and answers his phone by the 2nd ring. I on the other hand, am 5 minuets late to everything and might call you back next week. Matt teaches our kids about gun safety and I teach them all the proper names for their body parts.

And when you blend our two souls and personalities together you get us. Two broken people that are better together.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Countertop Phase

Let's pretend my three month hiatus never happened . . . yes?
I woke up this morning to find my 7 year old up with the sun. He was busy drawing, (a common occurrence). I was floored with his new maturity that he didn't need to wake me up to help entertain him. He knew he could draw until I got up. His muse is usually a Star Wars scene or a police pursuit, but this morning I loved what he sketched:
I think he was trying to get the reflection of the tulips on the countertops . . . I was happy I wiped them down before I went to bed so he could see them. I also think he tried to capture the curve of the mason jar/vase only he curved the opposite way . . . that comes from my side of the family (smile)!