Friday, November 25, 2011

So I did not participate in any kind of Black Friday elbow shoving to save five dollars on a new toaster for my mom. And I got a full nights sleep while this cra cra was spraying human beings with pepper spray so she could . . . win mom of the year from her hasn't-seen-the-light-of-day-25-year-old-basement-living-gamer-son. I'm just guessing here.
In fact I haven't bought a single gift yet. Just as it should be. Today I did round up the little ones in my house and told them that I was going to be telling all the uncles, aunties and Grandma's that they wanted socks for Christmas if they didn't clear out some under played over cluttered toys. We worked all day long and purged and sorted and found a home for every toy in this house (even under the couches and beds). It feels so good!! I just want to run around the house several times with bare feet just because the risk of stepping on a lego is so slim. As we speak the back of the minivan is loaded with bags of toys.

Tobin and I did just a little bit of Christmas decorating. He found some little vintage Christmas village houses I got at TJ Maxx and just HAD to put them up. They are adorable.
We added this pom pom wire ribbon from the ceiling to look like snow.
Gets me all warm and jolly inside!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


(Photo by Kristen Beaty)
Truly thankful for this guy that still pursues me after almost 15 years of marriage.
Thankful I found this picture of Jabe today.
And this one of Phoebe.
I am thankful I ended our no TV fast. That was just really dumb of me.
And on that note, I am truly grateful that stopped pretending to be Laura Ingalls by drying my clothes on rack to save $20 a month. Hello electric dryer. I'm so sorry. Will you forgive me?
I am thankful that this little turkey is doing chores around this house. It's about time!
(photo by Kristen Beaty)
Thankful this boy is maturing a bit. I haven't googled "how to like the kid you love" in at least 3 months.
Love that we have this great family farm where my kids can chase chickens and whisper to horses.
Very thankful to be getting these cousins back together again to devour a turkey together.
Thankful for our big nature filled backyard the kids can explore.
And again thankful for this faster than lighting speed cleaning machine that doubles as the best cuddlier in the world.
And lastly I am thankful for all the reminders that my home is occupied by children.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some Minor Details

1. Blogs are such a great way to connect with people you normally would never meet. But you read their blog and then you know these intimate details about a person inmost being but you wouldn't know them if you past them in the street. This week I've feel such sadness for Alicia Paulson and her husband Andy. I was drawn to her blog cause she makes homemade art all around her and then I got drawn into her subplot of wanting babies. I've waited for over a year with her as chose an adoption path and then I was devastated when I read this.

2. I wish I could wake up one morning to be greeted by two jumping twins in this nursery again.

3. Today was a stormy day in the pacific northwest. Made me wish it was summer and I was camping. Back in my hammock, reading a great book.

4. Thanks to Craigslist we now own a piano. Tobin is starting lessons soon and I can't keep my hands off it. What are the odds I can teach myself?

5. Starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the holidays coming up. My calendar is very full. Almost wanted to stop and get a tree today just so I could scratch it off my list.

6. We are surprising the kids Christmas day with the news of a trip to Disneyland. Needing suggestions on how to tell them. It will be their only gift besides their stockings so I want it to be fun. Hit me up with some ideas.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Say Cheese!

Had some family pictures taken last month by my awesome friend and photographer.
Kristen was really easy to work with and just so darn talented! I envy her in so many ways, but mostly because right now I am bundled up in my robe and wool socks cause it is so cold in the north west and she is probably sleeping in her bikini in her new home in florida.
My father-in-law made this bench that we used as a backdrop in our backyard.

Umm is it just me or does it look like Matt is copping a feel? Kristen did say to be natural so I guess Matt just took that very literal.
If you've been waiting to get your family photographed . . . do it now. Phoebe's top teeth are so loose that any day now she is going to look like a real girl and not my baby. So glad I have these to remember when my kids took bribes like M&M's to smile and look like they liked each other for 30 minuets.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who Done It?

When you have three kids sometimes it's hard to know who to blame for home vandalism. My job was made easier last night when I found the letters J A B E written in purple marker on the couch. Busted.

Friday, November 18, 2011

So Last Year

My house once again has turned into a tornado of crafts as I prepare for our Police Kids Christmas Party. I do the crafts. For about 200 kids. Hold your applause cause I can't hear them anyway. I never showed you what we did last year so here ya go. . . Oh and these were shot with my little pocket camera and I do realize that some of them are sideways and well, it's late and I'm not fixing them so . . . . get over it.
Craft #1 JOY banners.

Got all the letters cut out using a Cricut machine (blessing and a pain all in one.) Circles were cut out using Martha Stewart circle cutter. (very awesome little tool.)

Craft 2 Magic Reindeer Food
By far the easiest project but we have all ages so you have to spread out the difficulty level. Found a little poem on line that rhymed some crap about spreading this stuff out on your lawn Christmas Eve . . . I guess they bought it.

The online reindeer food recipe wanted you to use glitter but I got a little worried about a bird or another animal eating shards of glass so I had them use sprinkles instead. Because I care.

Craft three, Cookie Cutter Ornament.

I didn't get a good after shot of these but they are a great way to use up bits of craft paper and are really adorable.

Craft Four: The always popular decorate a gingerbread man.
Yup my mother-in-law and I made, rolled, cut out, and baked 200 of these little men.

The kids go to lots of stations and to keep crafts with the right kid the each have a bag with their name on them full of finished projects. Because of how quick they need to complete each craft I have to be mindful that we can't wait for paint to dry or pack anything that could get damaged during all the fun. So each cookie was given a little pat of frosting on his back and then slapped on a plate. After the kids decorated their cookie it was placed in a zip lock bag and then placed in their craft bag.
The "glue" for the candy was frosting that I heated in the microwave and then poured into these squeeze dispensers. They worked really well!

Bonus Craft: Poinsettia Hair Clips
My friend Liz Garland cut each one of these little felt flowers out for me. I love her.

Don't you just want to string these little twin girls on your tree this year?
Loved how the flower clips turned out!!

Can't wait to show you this years stuff!!