Friday, November 04, 2011

The Dirty Pachyderm

If you never read Glory Laine after this . . . it's fair to say, I understand.

So we're at the zoo visiting the elephants when my five year old says, "look mom, that dirty elephant has five legs"

I am truly taken back by what I saw quite literately dragging on the floor. So naturally I had Matt capture it for all times so I could show all of you.

Are you scarred for life now? I will spare you what wasn't captured on tape but lets just say I had to tell my kids he was dancing with "it".

And now that you can see the anatomy of the male elephant don't you feel sorry for the female?? Can you hear the conversations they have at night when their little calves are fast asleep?

Dirty Bull Elephant: "Hey Thunder Thighs, you wanna shimmy sham tonight?"
Female Elephant: "I wouldn't let you touch me with a ten foot pole"
Dirty Bull Elephant: "I just so happen to have one of those"

Again I'm so sorry.


Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Ha! Ahaha! Your husband is a real trooper for videoing that for you. And you are a real trooper for blogging about it. Man, that was a good laugh.

My toddler loved the video footage... he didn't seem to notice that anything out of the ordinary was going on at all. :)

Crystal said...

You see something new every day.

Meg said...

Eddie and I are dying laughing right now. I may have to show the video to Diego tomorrow and see what he thinks. Thanks for the laugh! Would love to see you sometime soon!

KLB said...

yeah...try seeing that on a school field trip!!!! I had to leave fast. After I stared and the shock wore off!

Luke e Lindsey in amore said...

The video didn't load on my load on my page, and I must confess, I am disappointed.

Dawn said...

That was hilarious! Isn't it amazing we think up to say to cover embarrassment.. and then they believe it?