Friday, November 18, 2011

So Last Year

My house once again has turned into a tornado of crafts as I prepare for our Police Kids Christmas Party. I do the crafts. For about 200 kids. Hold your applause cause I can't hear them anyway. I never showed you what we did last year so here ya go. . . Oh and these were shot with my little pocket camera and I do realize that some of them are sideways and well, it's late and I'm not fixing them so . . . . get over it.
Craft #1 JOY banners.

Got all the letters cut out using a Cricut machine (blessing and a pain all in one.) Circles were cut out using Martha Stewart circle cutter. (very awesome little tool.)

Craft 2 Magic Reindeer Food
By far the easiest project but we have all ages so you have to spread out the difficulty level. Found a little poem on line that rhymed some crap about spreading this stuff out on your lawn Christmas Eve . . . I guess they bought it.

The online reindeer food recipe wanted you to use glitter but I got a little worried about a bird or another animal eating shards of glass so I had them use sprinkles instead. Because I care.

Craft three, Cookie Cutter Ornament.

I didn't get a good after shot of these but they are a great way to use up bits of craft paper and are really adorable.

Craft Four: The always popular decorate a gingerbread man.
Yup my mother-in-law and I made, rolled, cut out, and baked 200 of these little men.

The kids go to lots of stations and to keep crafts with the right kid the each have a bag with their name on them full of finished projects. Because of how quick they need to complete each craft I have to be mindful that we can't wait for paint to dry or pack anything that could get damaged during all the fun. So each cookie was given a little pat of frosting on his back and then slapped on a plate. After the kids decorated their cookie it was placed in a zip lock bag and then placed in their craft bag.
The "glue" for the candy was frosting that I heated in the microwave and then poured into these squeeze dispensers. They worked really well!

Bonus Craft: Poinsettia Hair Clips
My friend Liz Garland cut each one of these little felt flowers out for me. I love her.

Don't you just want to string these little twin girls on your tree this year?
Loved how the flower clips turned out!!

Can't wait to show you this years stuff!!


Crystal said...

You're talented. :-)

Hannah said...

Very impressive :) :)