Thursday, November 24, 2011


(Photo by Kristen Beaty)
Truly thankful for this guy that still pursues me after almost 15 years of marriage.
Thankful I found this picture of Jabe today.
And this one of Phoebe.
I am thankful I ended our no TV fast. That was just really dumb of me.
And on that note, I am truly grateful that stopped pretending to be Laura Ingalls by drying my clothes on rack to save $20 a month. Hello electric dryer. I'm so sorry. Will you forgive me?
I am thankful that this little turkey is doing chores around this house. It's about time!
(photo by Kristen Beaty)
Thankful this boy is maturing a bit. I haven't googled "how to like the kid you love" in at least 3 months.
Love that we have this great family farm where my kids can chase chickens and whisper to horses.
Very thankful to be getting these cousins back together again to devour a turkey together.
Thankful for our big nature filled backyard the kids can explore.
And again thankful for this faster than lighting speed cleaning machine that doubles as the best cuddlier in the world.
And lastly I am thankful for all the reminders that my home is occupied by children.


Stefanie said...

I decided if I get up at 6am to work on Thanksgiving am (in my closet mine you so that I don't wake the fam) I get to look at your blog and comment.

Loved this one! I'm so glad you decided to stop the clothesline thing insanity..I thought you had gone completely mad for a second. Yay, you are back. I came home that day and said, Mike, "sell my blood I shall but I am not doing that! " But laundry is my nemesis, and not yours:)

Crystal said...

I can't wait to be able to use my clothesline again...all I hear when the dryer whirs is money floating out of our pockets and I don't like it.

Love the ones of all the cousins tucked in under the quilt!