Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It's November! That means I come out of hiding for a month and tell you what I've been up to this past year.

Nothing gets you into the scary season of Halloween than arming your "spirited" kids with a Sharpie and a knife and letting them at some gourds. Scared the pee out of me several times. Much more affective than a haunted house.

Costume choices of twenty-eleven. Supreme Military Zombie Warrior. (who still can't button his coat straight). Then we have Watchyaballs Kung Foo Master. And after talking up the doctor, dentist, superhero options . . . Phoebe chooses the (gag) Bride.

How cute were these two??? Best costume in my book. (friends at our Churches party)
I'll introduce this little beauty in another post. But just as a teaser . . . this little baby is NAMED after muah.


Candi said...

So fun seeing the kids in their costumes! Glad you let Phoebe stick with her bride costume ~ she'll have plenty of time to be serious about life later on :-)

Erin said...

awww! Makes me miss your kids! We need to get our little crazies together sometime! Hope your school year is going well :)

Stefanie said...

You gotta get the pumpkin tools at walmart next year...a friend got me on em last year and they r super cheap and easy to use and safe!

Comes w/ scrapers that work so much better than spoons and these tiny saws that bend easily.

Cute pics:)esp of Phoebe and baby!

Christi said...

November just got a heck of a lot better for me.