Sunday, November 20, 2011

Say Cheese!

Had some family pictures taken last month by my awesome friend and photographer.
Kristen was really easy to work with and just so darn talented! I envy her in so many ways, but mostly because right now I am bundled up in my robe and wool socks cause it is so cold in the north west and she is probably sleeping in her bikini in her new home in florida.
My father-in-law made this bench that we used as a backdrop in our backyard.

Umm is it just me or does it look like Matt is copping a feel? Kristen did say to be natural so I guess Matt just took that very literal.
If you've been waiting to get your family photographed . . . do it now. Phoebe's top teeth are so loose that any day now she is going to look like a real girl and not my baby. So glad I have these to remember when my kids took bribes like M&M's to smile and look like they liked each other for 30 minuets.


Crystal said...

They did turn out so great of course....although I'm a little peeved Kristen moved to Florida. I had a 10% discount coming and never got a chance to use it! :-(

Stefanie said...

Amazing! Saw the banner in the background this time:)

The Riddle men just can't keep their hands off their beautiful women:) I don't really blame em!

February Jill said...

Love all these pictures so much! You have a great family :)