Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

(Written a few days ago)

Had an experience today that will dwell in me forever. Watched a dear friend have a baby girl. Listened to her tell me she loved this little baby but knew she was not in a place in her life to be her mother. She wanted this baby to have more than she could provide. She decided to make an adoption plan.

With that decision firm, she quickly found a wonderful adoption agency and with ease was drawn to the parents for her baby.

First time parents, that waited a LONG time to have a child, got the surprise of a lifetime with the news that a baby was HERE waiting for them!

I got to see the tear-filled wonder in the eyes of a woman, who had longed for a baby for many years, meet her baby for the first time. I got to see the admiration in her face as she looked at my friend. And if she would have lost her composer for a second I am sure that she would have weeped at her feet in sheer thankfulness over this gift of a daughter. I was overjoyed for these new parents!
I officiated a little ceremony of sorts where we gathered hands and they each made some promises to each other, the baby and to God. And then we prayed. And we felt God in that room. He was everything each person needed.

I rejoiced in the hellos and then I sat in sadness at the goodbyes.

I watched my friend hold her baby and memorize, really memorize, every feature. I snapped pictures for her knowing that each one is going to be treasured. I watched her wish that her life was different and that she could be her baby's mother.
I watched her hand the baby over to her new daddy. In return I saw his hand lovingly and protectively hold his daughter tight.

I watched my sweet friend carefully place handpicked items for a keepsake box for her little baby to always have.

I watched her sign the legal documents that exchanged responsibility of the baby from herself to the new parents.

Today I watched a mother say goodbye to her baby. She is starting a journey of healing. I also watched a new family say hello to their forever daughter. And watched them end a journey of waiting. And I was reminded that God is a great orchestrator. He will meet you wherever you are in your life journey and be who you need, perfectly.

I am humbled to be a part of this.


Christi said...

Just beautiful. The sadness and the joy, all of it.

Candi said...

Very moving story, with lives forever changed. Bless you for being a wonderful part of this story, and bless the birth mom as she moves forward, and the new family as they face the joys of parenting.

Crystal said...

So you to go back and meet the new parents? Awesome! I know your friend will treasure these photos forever.

A small bit of what The Paisley Underground has to offer... said...

So heartfelt. The saddest and most joyful moment experienced. What a blessing you are to your friend to be there and help her through what a life changing and insanely hard choice.

AngieG said...

Sharing in one of these "Hello/Goodbye" moments may be difficult but also treasured for a life time. Joys and pains are what make life full. Bless you Becca for walking close to someone when others may have walked away.