Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Project Finished . . . Holla

With the kids getting a bit older I am finding that I am completing projects faster. This is a good thing but now I have to decide if I have the hundreds of unfinished projects become total washes or do I give the baby books a real college try . . . .

You might remember in one of my (grasping at straws) post I threw a shower for my friend Holly, who is adopting twins from Ethiopia. I found this great craft idea on the inter webs and it has now become my most favorite thing in the whole world only second to making banners. I still have morals.
I just love how they turned out. I considered keeping them for myself cause some of my girlfriends have some mad color pencil skills.

I love that Holly has this little reminder of all the women who came to support her at her shower by decorating and signing a side of the block.
Check out little Amiee's square. . . do you see the little twins hugging on the bottom?
Very fun to have the little girls at the shower be able to contribute to the gift.

If you are under 2 don't be surprised if you get these as a present this Christmas.


Crystal said...

What if I'm a multiple of 2? :-)

Stephanie said...

Super cute!

Regarding the baby books...I have been putting them off for awhile myself. I decided when I was pregnant with Addie that I would do a combined book that would include the birth stories of all three girls. This allowed me to procastinate until after she was born. Then I decided that I would include "firsts" in the book. Which allowed me to procrastinate until Addie started walking.

Now I have no good excuse for not getting started!