Monday, November 07, 2011


Couldn't get my video to upload tonight from Photobucket and I am dangerously close to midnight and about to break all the rules of a post a day in November . . . . ran to my archives of old photos and found a gem. My first born, about 2, killing me with cuteness!

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Glory Laine said...

Had to post this comment from my sister in law Stefanie, who is having computer trouble and can't post a comment. So she emailed me this sweet message. Love her so much!

"Do you ever think about how we get to raise different kids in the same child as they grow? It's a great thing in that they are always changing and maturing, but sad because we have to mourn the baby that's not there anymore. I loved lots of things about baby Tobin. Way back...I loved how you used to have to snuggle him really close so his binky wouldn't fall out and just pat him and rock him and then just keep him there while he napped.

I loved how you used to sing him songs like, "tobin, tobin, tobin is my favorite friend ...woo woo" I loved how you used to call his diaper changing station w/ the little animals hanging over his head..."his friends". On and on...

Of course I adore my nephew now too! But so glad I got to hang around him when he was little SO much. It was pure fun!"