Friday, November 25, 2011

So I did not participate in any kind of Black Friday elbow shoving to save five dollars on a new toaster for my mom. And I got a full nights sleep while this cra cra was spraying human beings with pepper spray so she could . . . win mom of the year from her hasn't-seen-the-light-of-day-25-year-old-basement-living-gamer-son. I'm just guessing here.
In fact I haven't bought a single gift yet. Just as it should be. Today I did round up the little ones in my house and told them that I was going to be telling all the uncles, aunties and Grandma's that they wanted socks for Christmas if they didn't clear out some under played over cluttered toys. We worked all day long and purged and sorted and found a home for every toy in this house (even under the couches and beds). It feels so good!! I just want to run around the house several times with bare feet just because the risk of stepping on a lego is so slim. As we speak the back of the minivan is loaded with bags of toys.

Tobin and I did just a little bit of Christmas decorating. He found some little vintage Christmas village houses I got at TJ Maxx and just HAD to put them up. They are adorable.
We added this pom pom wire ribbon from the ceiling to look like snow.
Gets me all warm and jolly inside!


Stefanie said...

Oh man I shoulda done that today too..oh well there's still maybe Sunday?

Cute lil houses - you always find a good bargain after Christmas - but never again those 10 cent trees were they?

Troy said...

Yet another brilliant patenting move. I'm taking notes.

Troy said...

Despite Troy's name and face, the comment was Michelle's. Apparently he has hijacked our account.

Hannah said...

I love the pom pom wire ribbon :) It's so dainty and sweet!