Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007 Though Pictures

Remember when I wrote this post all smug that I got my tree up right after Thanksgiving and you all were shaking your heads in wonder of my awesomeness? Well do I have news for you. That lovely tree and all the trimmings are STILL up. My tree is so dead that if you concentrate enough energy staring at a branch....needles start falling off. My plan is to just have it decompose right here in the living room.

Moving on to my review.
I love taking pictures. But one of the last things I think about during a big loud event is hiding behind my lends taking pictures. This year I tried. I really did. I reviewed them tonight and couldn't believe how few I got. But I thought I'd share some with y'all. The following are in no apparent order but are all from this year and I am pretty sure I know all of these people.

This first group is my attempt (When will I learn?) at the grand kids with their Christmas coordinating outfits. It started out promising but once Maisie was about to abandon all Christmas cheer.

I love Tobin's look on his face in this one. It's like, "mom, you've got to give up on this pretending we are a happy family bit......and lets get to the presents."

Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus then blind folding kids and giving them a stick to beat the head of a scary clown in. Can I get an Amen?

That's right folks, our family can't get enough of pinatas. We always fight over who will get the rights to the America's Funnest Video prize WHEN something goes wrong.I was so mad when I saw this pornographic picture that my husband took of me. Then I found out my bother was behind the camera and I choked on my egg nog. (Warning staring too long may cause blindness.)
Some of the people who made my Christmas merry: My sister Bethy and my sister-in-law Dorinda.
My pregnant cousin Katie hold my lovely Phoebe.
Phoebe wishing she was out of the silk dress and into her pajamas. Phoebe with Auntie Beth. She just wanted to show you her long lashes.

My sweetie pie niece Mariko.
My pretty momma Sharon with Jabe wanted down to run.
Cousins Mariko and Phoebe with their new aprons. Both of them seem to be a little perturb we are pushing stereotypical domestic responsibilities on them.

Babies first Christmas. Josh and Jack.
My little sister lookin oh so sexy.
Cousin Eric, I am cutting you off and give me my baby back.

And Phoebe says it all here. . . "I WANT MORE PRESENTS!"
And just in case you thought this post wasn't long enough.......I leave you when my child interrupting Christmas dinner so he could perform.


Ona said...

Rock on Tobin!!!

Lindsay said...

The first grade teacher in me is beaming right now! GO Tobin GO!!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Great pics. I have to agree...what's Christmas without a clown pinata?

Tobin's a shy little guy, isn't he?

Stephanie said...

That clown pinata was freaking me out a little bit. Fortunately Tobin's song made me happy again!

Mrs. Ranch said...

Looks like a super fun holiday! I love the coordinating outfit pictures...those are priceless.

Is the pinata a tradition that you do, or was it a one time thing this year?

mcmom said...

What a fun Christmas. The kids looked so cute in their outfits.

Kim said...

I love the pinata pics, and your comment about it... I laughed out loud! Tobin's singing was really cute too!

Sharon said...

Fun Christmas. Your babies, I have to say, are just the most beautiful babies ever!

And, regarding the dead tree in your living room: the best thing about having all those needles falling off onto the carpet, is that when you vacuum them up, your house will smell like fir tree every time you vacuum until you change the bag! That's always a happy smell!

Meghan said...

You got some GREAT pictures! Tobin is so stinkin' cute!

LizzyG said...

I just laughed through that whole post, start to finish. Your commentaries are hilarious! But seriously, beautiful, beautiful children...such blessings!

Jen said...

I can't believe how much Tobin's hand motions remind me of you. He has your mannerisms. Love it.

momaof4 said...

To funny!!
Thanks for the giggles this morning!

LizzyG said...

You know, you should really try to make some money off of that porno pic of yours. Do you realize how many grande iced single dulce de leche lattes you could buy?

Shannon said...

Okay...I love all your picture descriptions. Hilarious. And yes...that clown is frightening.

Tiffany said...

Love the photo with the crying little one leaping across the frame with arms outstretched....SAAAAVVVEEE MEEEEE!

Too funny! These photos are much better than any perfectly posed photos could ever be!

Angela said...

Missing your blog post sista!!!