Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ode to Phoebe Claire

My little sweet girl you had your four month appointment today. (10/31)It made me think of when Dad and I were finding out weather you were a boy or girl during our twenty week ultra sound. You were baby A and you were so shy we couldn't get a look at what you was so we sadly moved to baby B (Jabe). After we looked at Jabe we moved back to Baby A and low and behold we could see baby A was a girl. I was so excited my body responded by shaking. Matt and I had only decided on a boy name and a girl name so we knew you were Phoebe Claire. We named you Phoebe mostly because we thought it was an adorable name but also because its meaning is wisdom. And we knew that in this day in age a little girl needs tons of insight and good decision making skills. Claire is after your dad's grandpa Clarence. He was such a special man to your dad and we are so sad he died beforebecomingg a great grandpa. You would have brought great joy to him. At one of my ultra sounds you got really close to the screen and looked right at me and you took my breath away because I could tell you were beautiful. I have had so much fun buying pink clothes with smocking and peter pan collars. You were the first twin born and when I heard your sweet cry, I cried. You were smaller then expected weighing five pounds 10 ounces. One of the fist things I noticed about you was your swirl of hair right in the middle of your forehead. Although it is adorable now I just knew you'd hate it when you get older. I smiled every time we introduce you to people and they say you look like me. I didnÂ’t realize how fun that would be. Maybe because the boys look so much like your dad it felt fun to pay homage to my side of the family. You have always been a great nurser and found comfort being held. WeÂ’ve nicknamed you smooshie because you just melt into us when we hold you. You have a killer smile and love sucking your thumb. You love to sleep and wake up with a smile each morning. At your appointment today you weighed 13.3 pounds and were 24 ¼ inches long. You are just starting to hold onto toys and love your aquarium bouncer seat.
I find myself daydreaming of what fun we'll have raising you. The tea parties and princess dress up. The crushes on boy bands and girlfriend sleepovers are all sure to come. Or maybe you'll love climbing trees and building forts with your brothers. Maybe you'll love reading Anne of Green Gables with me or Little House on the Prairie. And maybe one day we can take a girl trip to visit Prince Edward Island. I know that as mother and daughter we will have our challenges but hopefully we'll learn from each other and maybe after I am done parenting you we can move our relationship to a friendship. I love you my daughter.


Angela said...

She is a doll! I can't wait to see her in just a few more weeks.
Nice choice of music!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl!!
You two are going to have a wonderful time together as mother/daughter and as friends!

Love the music - way to go!!

Leslie said...

Girls are SO much fun. You and Phoebe will have a wonderful relationship, I just know it. I love the pictures-what a big girl she is now. Girls are really fun to hang out with-at any age. It's so fun to do the hair, and pick out outfits, etc. And they give you nice compliments too-they are the first ones to notice when I have a new outfit on.

And-thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. They always make my day :)