Thursday, January 25, 2007

SA Meeting

Because I don't have a Sugar anonymous meeting to go to you'll have to be my accountability. I have cheated. But just a bit. Overall I give myself a B-. So I have some improvement room for next week. I have been using sweeteners in my tea and coffee but I am pretty sure that the main ingredient is cancer. Alida gave me some great tips that had me running to the cupboard for honey then squeezing it into my mouth. Honey is natural and much better for you than refined sugar but when I had to go out and buy another plastic bear full all in the name of health. . .well I think I need a new plan.

Today I was thankful for my twins. I mean it could be worse. . . I could have had triplets. I watched my sister daughter today. Mariko was born just two days after the twins. It actually went great, but I am thankful that it's not my daily duty.

Here's a few pictures to see the babies at almost seven months and a look at my resume today.


Leslie said...

Those pictures are priceless! I think I might start going to SA meetings if that was the group to keep accountable to. I'm sure they'd keep anyone in line.

Alida said...

They Do look like triplets. How adorable! Tobin seems to be beeming at the fact that he is bigger than all three. Too cute.

p.s. yes, I've often gone out on honey runs!

Michelle said...

You comment about main ingredient of "cancer" cracks me up! I am a sugar addict as well... and I always figure that refined sugar has to be better than sweet-n-low chemicals.... I might just be fooling myself. Honey... that's a good choice. Wishing you the best on your sugar free adventure!

Jennyth said...


It's your long lost Jen Green here. I'm telling can do this! Have you read my blog about getting off the soda? It happened. I said goodbye to it, and WEANED myself off the sauce. Anyway, a couple of tips from a fellow recovering addict of high fructose corn syrup (aka sugar).

**Eat lots of fresh fruit-it helps.

**Don't do the fake sugar thing. It not only has the cancer thing going for it, but it is 3 times as sweet as sugar and will mess with your taste buds, leaving you wanting sugar at even higher levels. I gained 15 pounds when I switched from regular to "diet" stuff. Over a period of a year, but it was the culprit. Just a warning.

**Take it slow, if you start getting the shakes, put a bit on your tongue. I got organic sugar, and now use it here and there, but during the detox, used it for the shakes.

**Hang in there, I know you, you are a brilliant strong woman, you can do it!

It's totally worth it, I'm telling you, getting off sugar for energy. You'll feel so much better.

Rock on Girl!! Jen

Shannon said...

This post cracked me up. And then a sudden wash of guilt came over me as I am filling my mouth with a pound of red swedish fish. Guilt over...back to the fish.