Friday, July 27, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

So I know what you are thinking, "Yes! finally a new post from Becca. I know she is a busy momma and everything but jez doesn't she know that her bloggers have needs." My response: Sorry. Things have been crazy around here. This is my recap.
The Good:
*We got new kitchen counter tops and had the house painted!
*We went camping with just Tobin. He caught his first fish and learned to dodge campfire smoke.
*I had LASIK surgery. I now see 20/15 in both eyes!!!!
*I went to an awesome seminar on raising boys. It was put on by Rick Johnson from Better Dads. I have been emailing him and we hope to bring his message to Court Street sometime in October.
*The twins had their one year check up with five shots!!!! Phoebe weighted in at almost 21 pounds and Jabe a sturdy 18.6 pounds. He is so tiny and strong at the same time. Perfectly healthy in every way.

The bad:
*I lost my car keys.
*My house has been rearranged because of said counter tops and I've been out of sorts trying to remember that the microwave in now in the dinning room with the mixer and spices. (All back to normal as of yesterday!
*Jabe is officially walking. I know this should be a celebratory announcement but really it just means I have to transition to a more toddler proof house. Change is hard for me. Phoebe is close behind.

The Ugly:
*All the kids with in twenty minuets of each other starting puking. Of course it while Matt was away at an evening meeting. We gave six baths that night and changes four sets of sheets. Matt got sick two days later and I was so prideful that my super immune system fought off the bug....until I got it Sunday night.

All is better now. And I'll do better to keep up with my tid bits of my life.


Michelle said...

Your writing is very entertaining!

Sharon said...

Oh my word!!!!!

Ok, first of all: Lasik! Yea! Isn't it the best?? That is so cool that you did that!

Second, I can't wait to see the new kitchen counters and paint! Hmmm....wonder what that's in preparation for?

Third, I hope all you guys are better now, that's some bug you all had. Nasty!

Last, yes, we bloggers were in Becca withdrawal, so thanks for posting! I always love your posts! Thanks for being my friend! I think you're peachy.

Meghan said...

Yay a new blog! I have been thinking of all of you and being sick...glad to hear everyone is feeling better!! Cute new pictures, too... Hope all is back to normal soon. :)

LizzyG said...

Not to worry, your NKOTB post was very sustaining! It even inspired me to dig through my old middle school and high school memorabilia, which I hadn't looked at in years! I found quite a few treasures. Very sorry to hear you were all sick...would love to hear more about that seminar.

Anonymous said...

My life must be so simple and somewhat lonely as I
have been not so patiently waiting around for lots of
things lately.

1. Pam's bedding - Ordered it two weeks ago and it
just came today. I have never watched for the UPS guy
so many times out my window, hoping he would stop:)

2. A new blog from Becca - sorry, but the New Kids
picture was getting really old!!! ha.

Today the waiting game stopped and the insanity along
with it. Please find me a new project - or speed
forward life, so that I can at least start preparing a
boy or girl nursery.

Love ya,

Tiff said...

I would SO love to see the Rick Johnson from Better dads talk!!!! We are hoping to start going to Court Street, but I've got some questions for you when I have time to email.... I'm so sorry to hear about your "ugly"! One good thing about the ugly though is that you all got it at the same time instead of having the sickness strung out for weeks...

Rachel & Family said...

I so adore reading your blogs...first cute pictures of your kids, then it just keeps drawing me in...I am sooooo sorry to hear about all the poor thing. All the great stuff before it sounds awesome though. You are SUCH the busy mommy...thanks for keeping us updated....and when you guys are ready...Meggie and I are ready for our new Friends challengers!!!

Julie said...

Becca! Yea, you're back and I'm so sorry you got sick!
I'm so eager to see all that you've done at the house. I'll bet it looks awesome!
Miss you, Jules

Alida said...

Oh Becca, you seem to handle things with such grace and humor. What a blessing you are.

I'm glad all is better! I'm impressed with all that you accomplished. You go girl!!!

Atticus Finch said...

I had the sicks too. It was awful but I am thankful the boys did not get it. New counters and paint. It will be great when it is finished.

priscilla tilgner said...

horray for the good! i'm lovin the pics of your cute little kiddos.

Team Johnston said... sounds like you have been the buzy bee lately. It was so cute to see Jabe starting to walk on Sunday in the nursery, he held onto the counter cabinets and started walking along. Pheobe tried to follow but just wanted to be held. Glad you guys are feeling better. Thomas was asking about Tobin.
-Danielle :)

Anna Marie said...

The flu is definitely ugly, especially when it travels through the family. Good job taken care of the family mom! lv anna

AngieG said...

We all need a break from blogging now and then (I say this as I have not put up a new post in at least 3 weeks myself). So glad about your vision. I would imagine that is a HUGE blessing. Can't wait to see the countertops!