Friday, August 03, 2007

I have the best news

Are you ready for this.....
I found my KEYS!!!!!
I know Oprah may not use my story on her "most incredible miracles" show but I have emailed her to let her know in case she is having a hard time finding human interest topics. This is huge for my day-to-day living and I am thrilled. And with the ever close call there is always a lesson.
1. Even if your baby twins are crying and whining from being in stinky Lowes for too long, DO NOT let them play with your valuable keys.
2. Don't rely on the first or second phone call to Lowes "customer service" desk asking for lost keys. Go in (even six weeks later) and look though their impressive lost and found collection yourself and behold a miracle may proceed.
I praise God for the little things today.


Rachel & Family said...

With 3 little ones, it's a wonder you don't lose your mind...I am happy you found your keys, though.
My mom learned her lesson the hard way about giving small children keys. She gave her keys to her grandchild to play with, then strapped her into her carseat, closed the door and watched as the little girl hit the lock button and then proceeded to drop the keys on floor...whoops.

Julie said...

YEA! That's gotta make life a little easier for you, huh?
By the way ... LOVE the new counter tops! It was great to see you! I'm glad you don't mind the "pop in" !

Angela said...

Did you happen to find my bag there?

Sharon said...

You should have lost them at Fred Meyer. You'll find it at Fred Meyer. Next time remember that.

Atticus Finch said...

I would hate to lose my keys. Steve always takes my keys. It is one of our major maritial issues that and parking lots. I am glad you found yours. I know the feeling of giving the kids whatever it takes for peace especially in the store.

Alida said...

Wow! Congratulations! You should have hubby take you to the Old English Inn to celebrate:)

Note: When taking cash from the Costco ATM take your atm card out of the machine quickly...don't dilly dalle tying kids shoelaces... the machine will gobble it up.

Tip#45623 from one mom to another

LizzyG said...

continued from the previous comment.....

When you give your child popcorn while shopping at Target, DO NOT turn your back on him/her. The entire bag of popcorn may get dumped on the floor.

When trying on swimsuits and you're half naked, make sure, at that precise moment, your toddler does not crawl under the dressing room door and take off running.

NOTE: These parenting tips are taken from real-life experiences

Being Still said...

Glad you found your keys. What determination you have and I love that you were right and Lowes was WRONG...that is the evil side coming out.

Once I let Zachary check the mail and my keys went missing. They were gone for two weeks and I just knew I would never see them again. (The worst part being I would have to Helen I lost a church key!)

The day the Wrights had their open house, after the house fire, remember that day? We found them. Gary saw them on the bug shield of the car! I had been driving around for two weeks with them on my car. Silly. I guess Zachary dropped them off there after the mail trip and forgot them.