Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Four years ago (yesterday)

I screamed Tobin into the world. And with that scream I became a mother.

It really is amazing that he has grown to four considering his diet of cheese, milk, and peanut butter. (oh and ranch dressing) Tobin's fourth year has got to be fabulous because three was.....well.....challenging. Poor Tobin has had an adjustment year with the arrival of the twins. But with each week his time out chair gets less use. Tobin is a really sweet boy who love to secretly sings, "Brick House" and is already girl crazy! He has a new girlfriend each week with out breaking up with the old. The boy has a lot to juggle with Ashely, Addy, Sawyer and Princess Jasmine. All I have to say is good luck to him.

I love these pictures of him just a few days old. The first says so much. I mean look at the rookie job we did putting him in his car seat for the first time. Thankfully a nurse stopped us before we put him in the car like that.
And then I almost forgot about Tobin's feet when they were born. Huge! So huge that I didn't have room for them and they ended up being bent back toward his shins.

We had a race car party for him starting with these invitations.

Check out the newest "pamcake". My mother-in-law Pam, just does the best cakes.

Matt giving instructions for red light green light

Tobin in the lead.

Daphne devastated that she didn't win the blue ribbon.

Twins after party bottle.

Next day on Tobin's real birthday we went to the State Fair to ride the rides and rot our teeth on cotton candy.

We bribed the kids to get their pictures done at the old time photo booth. All I have to say is it's a good thing their guns weren't loaded.


Hosmerita said...

Happy Brithday Mr. Tobin! Love the birthday cake. Mmmmm yummy! Hope you had a fantastic time at the fair! I haven't made it there yet.

Angela said...

Happy Happy birthday my little man! The cake looks great! and that picture of Tobin dressed like a cowboy is priceless!

Alida said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy! What fun and what fun pictures too.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Tobin!
May your 4th year be blessed with lots of adventure and fun!

Kelli said...

Happy birthday Tobin! I remember he was just about four months old when we "re-met" oh so long ago!! I can't believe how fast it goes! He's a doll and you're a fabulous mother!

Sharon said...

I totally remember those waterski baby feet of his~what a great pic!

Awesome cake!

Happy b-day Tobin!! This'll be a great year!!

AngieG said...

Oh how we hoped for you Tobin! What a blessing. Happy 4th Birthday little guy. We love you!

Julie said...

YEA, Tobin! What a guy! The party looks like it was fun, and Pams cakes are always so cute! We could all take lessons from her!
I have such fond memories of spending time with baby Tobin ...you were always so good about sharing him with me :) I love all of your babies, and you, too! Happy Birthday Tobin!

Meghan said...

He is just cute as a bug! Happy Birthday Tobin!!

Tiff said...

Such blessed kidlets to be in your family! And what a wonderful thing that you got to scream Tobin into the world...now THAT is a huge blessing in itself - a scream I know you waited so long to make!

The Pilgrims said...

Four years old already! My goodness! Though Tobin doesn't know me, I wish him a very happy birthday! I just love reading your posts... your comments with the photos are hilarious and your kids are adorable. Perhaps some day (when we finally move back to the states) we can say hello face to face... a WB reunion of sorts. :) (We are allowed to call it WB, aren't we? I mean just because it has a new name now doesn't mean I have to use it, does it??!!)

Leslie said...

What a fun birthday for Tobin! I love the cake, I might have to steal that idea for Mason's birthday.

Also, what fun at the fair. Looks like a fantastic day.

Jennyth said...

so glad I'm not the only one who "screamed" a child into the world... :)

In my opinion 4 one of the best ages, kids start losing the last bit of their "babyness", they can engage in intelligent conversation (and become great "debaters"), and can start really fending for themselves. ie...they can put the dvd in the player, find the remote and press play, without fears that they'll break everything. :)

Happy Birthday Tobin, you're still a miracle boy!

LizzyG said...

The very first picture is amazing, absolutely perfect! What a sweet little boy. I hope his 4th year will be wonderful! Now you can't say you have 3 children under 3. That had such a crazy sound to it!I also love the picture of the twins, they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tobin,

You are a very special nephew. We prayed hard that you would come join our family and then God did something very God-like, and surprised us with a gaggle of babies. You, Elsa and Daphne were born within 3 weeks of each other and haven't stopped being a threesome since. Now our prayers focus on the man we know you will become: one of sensitivity for others, a leader with a strong sense of wrong and right, and someday a husband and father that will adore and protect his wife and children, very much like your own father. How much fun shall we have in the years to come? I secretly pray that you and Daphne will be best friends forever. Keep each other accountable!

Auntie Stef

Jenny vick said...

I loved the recent photos and the baby photos. :) I don't know Tobin but any mom can relate with how time screams by too quickly...it's very rude and sneaky... I don't like it. We are about to celebrate Hana's 3rd Birthday and I still hold her like a baby when she's sleeping. :)I'm amazed at your party skills...and with Twins! Amazing. I'm just going to throw some candy into the wind and let them run wild for a while! I look forward to your next Open House post!
till then,
jenny vick.

Team Johnston said...

Happy B-Day Tobin! The cake looks yummy. Thomas says: "Happy Birthday to my best buddy!"
~Danielle :)

The Pilgrims said...

You've been tagged!! You should play the MEME game...You're IT! (See my blog for more info on the MEME game!)

Jenny vick said...

oh...i was going to tag you...but becky already has...I've been foiled!!! Well...at least I tried!!


Michelle said...

What a GREAT post!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

how cute! I hope he had a great bday!