Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cupboard Coverup

Wow you guys went crazy over my pristine baby food cupboard. I was left feeling a bit prideful until I went to my cookbook cupboard and Betty Crocker fell on my head. I am at best inconsistent with my organizational skills. I don't clean just to clean. To be fair I am not a slob but putting rubber gloves on is a monthly occasion. I know how to clean. If we are having dinner guests over the house can shine and twinkle like a new penny. I have areas in my house that you are welcome to peak into at anytime. My babies nursery, the baby food cupboard, my kitchen (90% of the time). On the other hand if you just happen to pop over to my house unexpected and you ring the doorbell; put your ear to the door and you will hear me shout to Matt, "close the bedroom door!". Here's how I think: If God wanted our cupboards to look like the inside of a Tupperware catalog, he wouldn't have given man the idea of cupboard doors.

I leave you with a question. Why does Costco have umbrellas in the food court? Are they uncertain that their roof will keep the northwest rain off of us? Or are they really trying to transform their warehouse full of ginormous buckets of mayonnaise and lifetime supply of napkins into a bistro in Paris? All I have to say is I am grateful that I can feed my family for under ten bucks: a filling, greasy meal of cheesy pizza, lemonade and a dollar chiro to spilt for dessert. Almost worth the hamburger defrosting in your cart. Almost.


LizzyG said...

That is a thought provoking question, umbrellas in the Costco food court? In ten years of shopping there, I had never noticed them, nor wondered why! I do however ALWAYS feed the clan before we shop, due to my obsessive compulsion about refigerated foods remaining the correct temperature. I have even been known to put a cooler with ice in the trunk when I go grocery shopping. Oh, and yes, my bedroom is the one room NO ONE can peak into! It is always the last room of the house to get cleaned and organized....Someday, that will change, someday!

Atticus Finch said...

a great friend of mine once said to me (it isn't confucious) that if you want to see me come to my home anytime, if you want to see my house, make an appointment. I have let go of the pressure of a perfect house. My house is sanitary just a little messy, okay a lot messy when the laundry is piled on the laundry couch. i am very impressed with your cupboards and your honesty on canning. it makes me want to run out and buy some canned goods. the costco question is very interesting. i will say the mouse traps that are cleverly hidden at the back of the food court keep my thoughts occupied on the fact that i am actually eating food within five feet of a possible dead rodent(s). the umbrellas haven't really crossed my mind. a very interesting observation. with this said i am delighted you are back because you make me laugh!

Jennyth said...

I think I have the answer, Becca!!

Costco's in Cali have their food courts outside, the umbrella's are to keep your food and face out of the sun, and out of the rain (the 5 days of it anyway).

My assumption here is that Costco, being the giant industrial empire it is makes everything in large quantities (imagine that), and could care less about the NW's needs, but puts the Cali needs above the rest. Cheaper that way too. Just a hunch.

As far as the organization thing goes, I'm with you, we all have our areas that remain unclean, even for the cleanest of those, which I am not. I'm remembering that episode of Friends right now when Chandler finds Monica's junk closet. It happens to even the most organized.

But, wear your "organized" badge proudly Becca. With 3 kids 3 and under, it's amazing you have even one cupboard so clean!

Hi Lizzy G, from Shane Witham's sister Jenny!! I'll check out your blog! Amazing how small the world is, huh?

Sharon said...

We cancelled our Costco membership, simply because of the umbrellas at the food court. I can't respect an organization that misuses weather protection in that manner.

At my old house, my bedroom was always the last room to be cleaned. But at this house, my bedroom is usually the first room to be cleaned because I love it so much. It's a little sanctuary for me and I feel so good when it's clean. I don't fully make the bed everyday with all the decorative pillows and things, but I'll straighten up the covers and bedspread. It just makes me feel good. I'm sure you're so happy that you know that now.

I'm still looking forward to seeing your new countertops! Maybe I'll even peek into a cupboard.

Angela said...

Okay way to funny!

Anonymous said...

Becca, is it okay to say, that I consider myself very worthy to know you so well??? When I saw the cupboard pic. I knew that it was pristine because of how much you LOVE your babies and shopping in the baby section and that anything to do with your kids is perfect: their bedrooms (WOW), their photo albums done(amazing..), their diaper bag(organized), etc etc. I didn't think twice over the cupboard:) No intimidation there, just said, "Yep, there's Becca's kid cupboard, the way it always looks:)"

Hummm..laughing..must be pregnant or something, as I was tearing up writing about you and your loves.
Love, Stef

Alida said...

Luke said just last thursday, "Mom, why do they have umbrellas in here, there is no sun?" Ahh, from the mouth of babes. We had lunch at Costco once and then we have to have lunch every time. So now our Costco trips last for hours and hours. We eat, then go to the bathroom, then shop, sometimes go to the bathroom again, load the car. It's like a shopping trip to Ikea, alas without the meatballs.

A clean house? Sorry, no hablo ingles.